Step-by-Step Guide to Become a Lawyer

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn the ways on how to become a lawyer. With so many info sources to choose from, your mind can be cluttered and you may not be able to think straight.

This is your chance to become a lawyer so don’t just let it pass by.

Requirements to Become a Lawyer

Are you willing to devote at least seven years of your time for studying? You see, to become a lawyer, you must spend four years in college and at least three years in law school. After this period, you still can’t practice law because you will need to pass the examination. Start by taking a 4-year bachelor’s degree because the associate’s degree will not be recognized. Also, take note of your GPA because this is another consideration before you can proceed into law school. After graduation in college, you can now take LSAT or the Law School Admissions Test. The test will evaluate your capabilities in performing well in school. The test consists of multiple choice and essay questions. This test is the key to advancement so you need to prepare yourself by purchasing study materials. The decision to accept or reject you will depend on the result of the LSAT and the GPA. Make sure that you reach the minimum score, or better yet, reach for the highest score possible.

If you attend law school full time, you can finish it by three years but if you’re doing it part-time, it will take longer. The exams given in law schools are mostly essays and you need to use the appropriate phrases or keywords because the professors will be looking for such words. The bar exam will determine if you can practice law or not. Once you’ve decided to take the test, you must start review lessons right away. If you can’t do the reviews alone, you can always invest in review course. The review is not very costly and you can refresh the knowledge you’ve gained in the past seven years.

The requirements and testing protocols may vary in your place so try to make an inquiry. However, the bar exam remains the same with its four distinct areas. After passing the bar, you can now celebrate. Don’t forget that you will need to undergo the character evaluation and fitness assessment that is given by the National Council. Such evaluation will look into a person’s credit records, traffic tickets, medical records, etc. you have nothing to worry if you have a clean background.

Money Figures

From taking up a bachelor’s degree to attending law school, you will spend anywhere between $50,000 to $200,000 and it’s all worth the cost. Once you’re a lawyer, you can earn $75,000 to over $100,000 in a year. That’s a lot of money but first, you must spend several years studying.


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