Start Your Own Satellite Installation Business

Satellite television companies provide something that cable companies don't offer ? a clear digital signal. Starting your own satellite installation business involves specific steps that you should keep in mind to ensure a successful venture.

Follow these steps and build your own satellite installation business.

satellite installation business

Step 1: SBCA certification

To start a satellite installation business, you must get an SBCA certification and become a licensed installation technician. Satellite Broadcasting & Communicating Association is an organization that offers various types of certificates related to satellite radio, satellite television, and more. SBCA provides monthly satellite installation classes for those wanting to become licensed satellite installation technicians. You can enroll in classes and get a Level I or II certification. To pass, you must have a grade of 85 percent or higher. If you fail, you are given one free retake. You can visit SBCA’s official website to sign up for certification.

Step 2: Business Plan and Installation Tools

Of course, you need a business plan. This includes your marketing strategies and everything related to your business. It will serve as your guide and help you make crucial decisions. Your business plan also includes what satellite equipment you’ll probably install, your expansion plans and cash flow, and how your business will operate. You must also purchase installation tools, including a 32' ladder, workman’s comp, $1,000,000 worth of liability insurance, a van or truck, and $500,000 worth of the commercial auto policy. You’ll know the tools you’ll need when enrolling in the course.

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Step 3: Kind of Business

You need to determine what kind of business you want to establish. Two ways to develop a satellite installation business are to become an independent contractor or hire sub-contractors. As an independent contractor, you’ll be the only one working. To grow your business, you may want to hire sub-contractors or employees.

Step 4: Cost

Of course, you must consider the cost of starting a satellite installation business. This kind of business has a low startup cost. It includes the cost of insurance, a van, certification, supplies, tools, and other matters you need to spend money on.

One of the best things about starting a satellite installation business is that you can make a large amount of money even if you don’t have a college degree. You get paid for every job you do. On average, one installation that may take an hour to complete can pay you about $60. If you do more work, this means that you’ll earn more.  There are independent satellite technicians who are making $1000 to $1500 per week and more. Just think of the money you can achieve once your business grows and you have more technicians who work for you.

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  • Ajayi Oluwafemi Adetunji said on February 3, 2021
    I need help to start my owe satellite shop pls help me
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    How small an amount of money did I need to start a satellite installation business
  • AGYEMANG SAMUEL said on August 4, 2022
    Please I want the certificate for satellite installation.i mean the multi tv , DStv and the rest.i have work in this field for more than 7years I know much.but u travel coming back to do more so I need a certificate. Give me the official website for the certificate and I follow up.


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