How to Make a Living Selling Firewood?

A lot of people are interested in making a living by selling firewood as a plenty natural resource. Nevertheless, the amount of money that can be obtained depends on various factors. In addition to that, not all can just cut down a tree and quit on a daily job. It also mainly requires a lot of work but it is indeed a very fulfilling job.

How did you come to know about this business? Is your friend advised or you saw someone getting success in such business?

selling firewood

Do you have any background knowledge on firewood business? If you don’t have any, then spend some time in visiting existing firewood stores and clear your doubts by interviewing the staffs and owners.

Earning some extra money and making living from selling firewood are possible if you setup the business with proper plan.

Sell by Size or Volume

The firewood that you will sell should come by size or volume. Nevertheless, most consumers would want to have seasoned hardwood that is basically sold in a firewood measurement.

This is what is usually recognized by most people, and this is called as a cord. It is actually described as a complete cord. It will measure four feet wide by four feet tall by eight feet that is equal to one-hundred twenty-eight cubic feet.

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Finding a Place to Sell Firewood

For any retail business location is very important. You must be thinking about your neighborhood famous coffee shop, which is all the way at a deserted location but it still makes lot of money.

You are thinking the right way as you see that, I would do the same when put into same shoes. But, ask the owner what trouble he faced when he started the business there. He might say some story that will surprise you.

If you have money to invest, then find a better place where your store will have maximum visibility from all the angles.

Sell Bundled Firewood

When deciding to sell firewood, it is essential understanding the fact that less is actually more. For all those successful and thriving entrepreneurs, the main revenue is outsourced from the selling of bundled firewood.

The small bundles will also be sold to most campgrounds, and local stores. This will bring a huge amount of money, like two or three times more money for every unit volume.

In producing small-sized packages, the pre-cut wood will usually be placed in such a firewood bundler. There is, however, a need to learn more about the firewood bundler. In this bundler, it will utilize a firewood shrink wrap in the pre-packaged firewood into more portable and smaller quantities. As per the small-sized packages, they are mainly popular for fireplaces, campfires and traveling.

Sell Kiln Dried Firewood and Buy a Firewood Moisture Meter

If you think that you are lucky enough in living in an area with premium firewood that is becoming in-demand these days, it is a lot better selling kiln dried firewood.

This is another impressive option that you really have to consider. This is usually sold at such a higher price since it is free from any of those insects. The low moisture content will also create such a long-lasting and hot fire.

If there are customers who would want to know more about the moisture and its amount found in the firewood, you better purchase a firewood moisture meter.

This may actually not be considered a necessity. But still, this offers an easy and convenient way of showing the current content of the moisture of the wood.

How much to Sell a Cord of Wood for?

It is not you but everybody in the business struggle at pricing the products and services. You will sustain in the competitive market if you sell high quality wood in a reasonable price.

Survey the local stores and find the average cost of different cords. Work with your buying price and see if you can compete with the price that others are selling.

If you have higher buying cost, then find different sources or work with logistics to get the cost down and compete with other sellers with competitive price.

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