How to Start an Animal Broker Business

Becoming an animal broker can subject you to several requirements before you are allowed to embark on your vision. The good news about it is only few do venture in it because of the scrutiny.

This means there is market out there that has not been captured. This business guideline will help you.

Here are steps to help you start your own animal broker and dealer business

  • Decide what market you intend to service
    Starting your own animal broker dealer business entails complying with several state laws, licensing, permits, animal protection consideration procedures as well as international laws. Starting your business would be much easier if you begin on a local direction instead of charging ahead to interstate transactions. So it is best to begin with what’s near to you.
  • Get legal advice
    Consult with a lawyer. Starting an animal broker dealer business would require you to acquire special types of licenses and permits. Not only that, you would need to familiarize yourself with processes and procedures on how to ship animals from other countries. As you know, the US government has strict regulations and restrictions for such shipping request. Make sure you justify your request and your animal pass certain sanitary and health standards. Of course also consider the rules and regulations on a state by state basis.
  • Develop an animal broker business plan
    A major element in your plan would be animal connections and sources. Being a dealer of course means you either raise a few animals yourself in your backyard or you become more of a middleman from supplier to a customer. Choosing the latter means checking that your sources are legal and law regulated. Be careful and avoid illegal transactions.

    Another element you should include in your animal broker business plan is the type of animal you want to deal. You may want to deal animals that are for the zoo selection like zebras, monkeys and bears. Maybe your cup of tea is more of the aviary so this would definitely mean more focus on parrots, hawks and such alike. Another are you could focus on are exotic type animals like lizards, snakes and spiders. Well while we are at it, how starting with small animals like rabbits, dogs, cats and maybe even fish. You can actually customize your business to cater specific animal breeds so as you also capture a specific section of the market.

    Finally, will you only deal with live animals? What about selling mounted animals like buffalo heads and life size animals like bears?
  • Have an internet presence
    The beauty about this type of business is you don’t have to rent out a location. You simply work by outsourcing your business to a trusted supplier and the use of the web. By working as a middleman all you have to do is look for customers. You can do all of this just by having a website of your own. Just make sure your website is informative and sticky.


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    Hi I was trying to get information on how to become an animal broker I'm currently a Breeder & want to get into being a broker
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    I want help on becoming a broker. What steps do I take?


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