Top 10 Businesses to Start in South Africa

South Africa has been the new hub for businesses as it offers lucrative opportunities for those people who would like to start a business of their own. This part of the world is continuously developing, day by day. Many people have visited South Africa to find out what kinds of businesses can thrive and grow inside of this land.

So, if you are planning to start a business then choosing to have it established in South Africa is the best decision you can ever make today. The following are the leading 10 businesses to start in South Africa from our survey over 0.1 million visitors. They are ranked from 1 to 10, 1 being the best business to setup.

10 businesses to start in south africa
  1. Money Lending Business

    Starting a money lending business is a nice option especially as money always matter to people these days. You must concentrate on the small market when you desire to become competitive. It would be great when you start as a small business. Ensure that you have a presentable office so your clients won’t hesitate in using your service. The money lending firm is the type of business which is increasingly becoming popular to date. It’s because people are significantly affected by the economic downturn. This kind of business is giving them a chance to obtain credit in many ways, whether through credit cards and personal loans. Drive for money lending business also reflects that people in South Africa are investing more and looking for opportunities to fund the business. This is a win win business for all.

  2. Courier Service

    A courier business comes with more room for the new players. Have you been dreaming of starting a courier service of your own? The greatest way of going about establishing this type of business is through exploring the available options. You could operate a courier service in different ways and you could work together with a well-established courier firm. If you subcontract, you should deal with the legwork for your clients’ company. It is the principle of your business’ role. You would be providing the transportation as well as the needed manpower to pick up and deliver the packages.

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  3. Trucking Business

    A lot of entrepreneurs realized that the transportation of goods from here to there can be a highly lucrative venture. Trucking is the lucrative industry which generates billions of dollars in yearly gross profits in the US.  It simply means this venture will also be very lucrative in other parts of the world, such as in South Africa. Trucking companies have flourished due to the need for help in transporting goods. If you are planning to open a business like these then you must think about those basic things regarding managing a trucking business. It is a very competitive industry so therefore you should have the needed knowledge about running this kind of business.

  4. Car Dealership

    Do you think about running a business that sells used or new cars? You could establish a car dealership business through selling brand new cars, obtaining a franchise to sell cars from various manufacturers or sell cars that were purchased through auctions. Car dealership means trading or selling cars for money. This is different from working as a salesman or staff of a certain company in which you earn a commission when you get a car sold. You can be a car dealer through owning a local franchise, so you can get started in selling cars within your area.  

  5. Guest House Business

    It is not hard to start a new guest house business of your own. There are just some few things that you should consider so you can get started. The first thing to consider is the need for a building that you could change into a guest house. It must not be just any structure. It will be great when the building is in the location which gives the best possible view as much as possible for the guests. It is also very important to obtain the needed amenities. Finding a property at the best possible place to start this business is the key to success. You can find lot many tips from the experts on our guest house business guide.

  6. Tavern Business

    It is considered as a type of revenue generating venture. Tavern business is among the greatest ventures which you could engage in at this moment. It is primarily because of the increased number of individuals who’re up to visiting a business like this. However, prior to establish this type of income generate endeavor, you should make sure that you know everything. Make sure that you conduct the survey. It is also important to come up with the best decision and secure the business legalities. Choose the best location for the business and then make some strong marketing plans.

  7. Ice Business

    This business isn’t a seasonal form of business, you might be capable of earning constantly, read more about it on our page. In establishing an ice business, it is very necessary to consider some important factors that can affect the way you would do your business. For instance, before you decide on whether you are serious of starting an ice business, you must assess the target market first.  It is also important to think about the location of the business.

  8. Glass Recycling Business

    It is one of the best business ideas that you can consider these days. Saving Mother Earth from the harmful effects of improper waste disposal is strong advocated by the government and organizations in all parts of the world. It can be a very lucrative business idea. Because of the issue that the planet faces right now, recycling became a next to normal thing to carry out and so, glass recycling is among them. You can expect for a high return on investment with this kind of venture.

  9. Funeral Home Business

    A funeral home will always be very important anywhere you are. It is one of the most important business establishments that should be available in every town, city or state. If you are looking to start a new business in South Africa, then why not choose to have this one?

  10. Billboard Advertising Firm

    Every business needs help in marketing. A billboard advertising firm can help them make people know the existence of their company. In the eyes of a lot of people, the most noticeable ads they can see each day are in the billboards placed in the high traffic regions. It is a great and very lucrative idea on your part.

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