Starting a Contemporary Pottery Business

A contemporary pottery business could be turned into something simple, fun, fabulous and rewarding activity. This may be an unusual business to cross into but this could still be made successful through the helpful advises to be mentioned below and possible supplies to get a supplementary or main income.

If you really have the knack to potteries, then might as well start a contemporary pottery business especially if you have a circle of relatives and friends with pottery. However, be most prepared in stepping forth into a competitive market. Just keep the production process efficient and simple and market in a smart way to grow a profitable business in pottery. Follow the simple guide below to become successful in this business.

contemporary pottery business

Research First and Streamline the Product Lines before Venturing Into This Business

In regard with the market that you will enter in, you need to first do the research and assess their expectations. Better yet, target the market for potential and functional potteries, wherein you will provide for more mass-produced potteries.

In addition, you also need to determine if there are people who will purchase your hand-crafted bowl. Or, will they just go to a retail store in order to buy a machine-designed bowl. All these things are considerations that you need to pay attention to. This is especially when you will create potteries that you are most passionate about. The good thing is that you could still get huge income why you still make pottery that best expresses aesthetics.

When you have finished this task, you now need to streamline the product lines. It is suggested to just create a limited stock of products at a price range. This way, you could be able to balance the sales opportunities. To be able to expand your line of products, you need to create various types of objects like plates, bowls and goblets. Remember as well that clients are likely to search for sets and not for individual pieces. They may choose for salad plate or soup plate, lunch plate and cup and dinner plater in a dinnerware set.

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Simplify the Entire Production Process

In order for you to minimize defects and maintain consistency, you need to make an effort to simplify the production process. You only need to keep the body formulas and glaze simple like rounding off the formula numbers. If ever you will make use of 45.2 % flint in a glaze, you could just make use of 45%.

In addition, position your equipment as part of the efficient production. For example, just put the clay next to the wedging table while you put the table near the pottery wheel.

Sell and Market Smart

You may choose to sell your potteries to those retailers you know on a consignment and wholesaler basis. You may as well rent a specific booth at trade fairs and craft shows. It is also a lot better if you invite those customers as you open up your studio.

Moreover, create an e-commerce based website as your online storefront. Never shy away from digital technology and just manage an online shop to further extend your reach. This could effectively boost your sales in the pottery business.

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