Handling Employee Complaints

Dealing with complaints from employees is part of every company’s environment. There are times when you have to Handling Employee Complaints.

As a manager, respect for your employee is the key if you want to make them stay for a long time. Creating a harmonious environment can lead to success of your business.

Employees are a real asset to your business and their satisfaction is ultimately your fulfillment as well. Therefore you should try your best to satisfy your employee in every aspect as he or she is the real driving force behind all of the profits of your business. There are some words which can really dishearten your employee and maybe you have uttered them in front of your employee. For example: What can I do for that?, I can’t do anything for you. Please leave or If you’re not comfortable here, you may better leave.

These are often said by many employers uttering to their respected and hard working employees. It is true that there’s a huge work load on managers and directors, but still that does not mean that you just jerk off your respected employee.

Stopping the behavior

You should eventually stop this unwanted behavior with your employee especially if it is rude. You should focus on what your employee is saying and what he is complaining about. Many managers just throw off their employee from their rooms as if employee is nothing for their business.

Emotions and more emotions

It is true that many employees benefit from their innocent and straightforward employers and therefore make fake emotions for leaves and other purposes. But every employee cannot be counted in such category. You employee can really have some sort of emergency or problem associated to his family. You should try to learn the true feelings and emotions of your employee and address the situation accordingly.

It pays to ask

When you have completely heard of your employee’s complain, you should repeat it back if you totally disagree. Otherwise, you should ask your employee about the detail of the problem and if there’s any chance to get the problem solved without leaving. You should have a warm and friendly conversation with your employee. You can definitely make your employee stay in the office for days, but scolding can play a very bad and negative impression on your employee. Scolding your employee is just like scolding an innocent child.

You should be patient, calm, cool and friendly with your employees. And, ultimately, if you’re unable to find any mistake of your employee, you should grant him leave or respond to his complaint. Handling employee’s complaint in a good way increases the reputation and goodwill of the company. Employee on the other hand, also keeps a respectable position of the employer in his heart.


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