Employee Monitoring Outside the Workplace

Employee monitoring outside the workplace is quite common nowadays.

This is mainly due to social networking sites that is so addicting. Instead of people working on your business, they are hook with this website. Whether they like it or not, they need to be monitored. This could result to efficiency and productivity of workers in your company.

With the advent of social networking websites and in addition to different pornographic websites, the chances of getting viruses in your computer have directly increased. You should have a complete knowledge of what your employee is browsing inside or outside the workplace. It is one of the biggest threats to businesses that can be resulted from a small mistake of your employee. Though your employee may be not intentionally involved in revealing the very secrets of your company but an extremely sophisticated network is enough to confuse one and dig out the necessary information from a secret system. In this world of networking and networks, almost everything is connected over internet and you are required to safeguard yourself more than you protect your home or children in your house. You are required to spend thousands of dollars for safety measures and for the installation of antivirus software on your organization’s network in order to avoid any such circumstances.

Even if your employee is outside workplace, he may access the organization’s network using internet. Using such systems without security measures can directly put you in the hands of crimes and the mafia. And, once your network is in the hands of the mafia, your whole business, its bank accounts, and all other secrets can be ruined in a matter of seconds. There are much intelligent criminals seeking for such leaks in the network to enter.

There is software used in addition with typical antivirus to avoid entering of unnecessary users into your network. You should also order your employees to follow a code of conduct while using internet or text messaging for the business purpose. There should be a sort of policy on which every employee should be enforced to act upon. A defined, detailed and secured system allows the users or employees to only access necessary websites and blocks all other websites. But it still not makes you 100% secure. There are thousands of leaks in a computer network that can be employed by the cyber crime to get into. Extremely talented, skilled and learned staff should be hired to constantly overlook the network. It should monitor every entering and leaving system in the pool. The IT architecture of any department of an organization must be highly secured and compatible with the rest of the departments of the organization.

Having a secure and monitored environment for your employees allows you to work in a safer environment. Also, you can safeguard the uniformity and consistency of your business forever.


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