Business Networking and Public Exposure

Business networking creates publicity to a company’s product or service, making this a potent tool in business.

According to experts, public exposure is one of the best ways to be successful in this highly competitive market where assertive advertisement and “intelligent” marketing strategies should be used.

In this highly competitive market, entrepreneurs should be able to utilize the right business networking to reach their target consumers, market their products or services, and find potential business partners. To do this, here are the tips on how to use business networking to have public exposure.

Use a company website

To make a website an effective marketing tool, this should be SEO-wise—this means that it should be appealing to the reader; has a short but complete text content; has a simple layout with pictures and videos; has keywords (words or phrases which are commonly typed by users) and has an element that will lure potential consumers.

If a website has all the elements stated above, there is a great chance that it will have inbound links from other sites which have found that the business website helpful for them. The more inbound links, the higher the page ranking of a website.

Meanwhile, the page ranking will also be affected by several factors including online visitors and regular updates.

Utilize popular social networking sites

Popular social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter can help businesses reach the target market, introduce new products and services, and provide updates to consumers.

Meanwhile, entrepreneurs should also use business networking sites like Linkedln that will not just promote their products and services but will also allow them to find potential business partners, suppliers, and agents.

The good thing about using these online properties is that entrepreneurs can use these for free.

Use online forum

This online property is another potent marketing tool that can help businessmen to promote and introduce their products and services and know or at least estimate the consumer sentiments.

However, comments posted on forums should not be a blatant advertisement but rather subliminal. This means that comments should at least provide helpful information to the participants of forums.

Attend seminars and conferences

By doing this, entrepreneurs can build their networks and meet other people (such as suppliers, venture capitalists, and agents) who can be helpful with their companies.

Join public events

By joining public events such as music festivals, free concerts, and Christmas bazaars, a business can introduce and promote its product or service to consumers.

In addition, joining public events are also a great way to provide free samples to consumers especially when introducing new products in the market.


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