Start an Online Cookie Business

A traditional business idea meets with modern technology on an online cookie business. Learn how to start an online cookie business and you will see that this can be more profitable than you can imagine.

If you love to bake and your idea of a good business is to simply work at home and bake all those goodies every day, then starting an online cookie business may be the best thing for you.

Yes, a home-based bakery can be an excellent recommendation for you. That way, you can start with less capital, work in your own hours and even make vital decisions for the business on your own. What cookie products you will sell is all entirely up to you. Classic favorites are good to start with but if you are the adventurous and creative type, you could also do some experiments and play around with various cookie flavors. As you can probably visualize this early on, this is one business venture where you can enjoy doing something that you love – and get the chance to earn a huge income for it.

Start an online cookie business and all these things can be possibly realized. Through the web, you even have a chance for a wider market without having to worry much about various paper works and red tape requirements that need to be done for an actual bakery in a commercial space your area.

You might also want to focus on making a catchy and effective brand name that goes well with your unique products. Begin with how you package your products since that’s one of the first things that your buyers will immediately notice. Other than that, you could also try different ingredients and cookie shapes. On top of that, effective marketing is also a must so you can reach out to more and more potential customers. The internet is really a very flexible way to get your cookie products known in many places so you might as well give this a try and study as much about how you can take full advantage of the online tools.

Now, you can’t start earning from this business if you don’t have your own start-up capital per se. Will you start up with your own savings or will you go for a loan? That decision is, of course, yours to make. Just try to evaluate the available alternatives and then try to check the various advantages and disadvantages that go along with that decision.

Again, setting up your website is a must regardless if you are aiming to sell your cookies online or not. First and foremost, it could serve as your database where you can display all your products. Otherwise, if you’re really planning to sell products on the web then that could also work as your online store. Just make it a point that you get to establish an effective ordering system for that and you’ll be ready to take orders anytime.

Go get your baking materials ready and start spreading the word about your online cookie business now. As you do all the necessary preparations, you can discover the secrets of earning huge money from doing something that you enjoy.


  • RJ said on October 3, 2011
    I am trying to start an online cookie business and I was told I could not bake at home. Instead I must bake at a certified commercial kitchen and that I also need to get health certificate before I can get my business license. I live in Newark, CA, and if I must rent a commercial kitchen, it would be probably in a different nearby city, such as Hayward or San Jose, CA. I am getting a lot of interest and people want to order. I will really appreciate it if you can give me advice on how to get this going and get my business license in the shortest time. Thank you, RJ
  • Jazz said on June 27, 2012
    This is an interesting venture that I did not think into before but it seems to have really low start up costs considering the main costs involve the development of a website. This shouldn't be a huge problem for me as I have some good web design skills which I want to develop also. The main question I have is how to deal with best before dates and license issues in the uk for food commerce. If anybody has relevant knowledge on this topic please contact me via email. Much appreciated..
  • jk said on March 21, 2015
    I have a modernised bakery production unit. i want to supply all bakery products and cake in guwahati in bulk quantity and also interested for online delivery


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