About Scooter’s Coffeehouse Franchise

With exceptional coffee experience, the Scooter’s Coffeehouse proved why they are the ahead in the competition.

However, franchising this top performing coffeehouse is not as difficult as it may sound for it only takes few simple considerations to be part of their growing family.

For a special coffee treat, there is no other place to go but at the Scooter’s Coffeehouse. Established in year 1998 and started franchising in 2002, the Scooter’s Coffeehouse has made a name for serving premium coffees, teas, smoothies and pastries over the years. They have the reputation for delivering value and quality in every product they served.

This reputation is what every Scooter’s Coffeehouse franchise carries. They made sure of giving only what the customers deserve and that is the best.

Franchising a Scooter’s Coffeehouse assures being on top of the competition. They only render the finest for the customers. Like in the manner by which they serve their coffees, they are in Insulair’s new triple-wall insulated cup that preserves and enhances the taste of the coffee. The cup is an alternative to the traditional polystyrene foam and non insulated cups with paper sleeves. Further, in terms of the flavoring, their drinks do have Monin syrup which is a premier flavoring that acclaimed popularity in the world. This only goes that they are very meticulous as to how they can satisfy and surpass the expectations of their customers.

The Scooter’s Coffeehouse exceptional offerings and service is what keeps customers going back to their stores despite the mushrooming coffeehouses in towns. The loyalty of their customers is through their loyalty on giving only the premium.

This has been the key of the Scooter’s Coffeehouse success in the business and this strategy is in line with their premium philosophy. They do not settle for less and keep on eyeing and reinforcing improvement.

However, there is less hustle in owning this premier coffeehouse. Scooter’s Coffeehouse offers franchising opportunities that are both beneficial to the franchisee and the parent company.

First is with regards to location. Scooter’s Coffeehouse believes that being the best must be seen not only in the products but in every corner of the store. Thus, the store is designed in the most articulate manner—same with the layout of the furniture, facilities and accessories. Just like in any other businesses, location must be very strategic so as to bring the best out of the store.

They also provide training, marketing and adequate management backing to reassure success of the franchises.

The company has an established management system support for franchisees. They also have the tools and the knowledge to help franchises boost their performance in the market. They are committed to maintain leadership in the industry hence, strive to keep on growing.

Scooter’s Coffeehouse is the largest locally owned franchise in the Midwest. Total investment ranges from $60,000 to $410,000 with the initial franchise fee of $25,000.


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