Starting a Tea Shop Business

Specialty tea shops are now sprouting everywhere, and are as popular nowadays as coffee shops. To start your own specialty tea shop, you first need to decide as to what kind of tea you wish to sell, repackaged blends or serve blends or a combination of both; you need to find your own suppliers, depending on the tea blends that you would like to sell, your repackaging materials and food suppliers for little pastries, sweet meats or any food item you wish to have in your shop.

Unbelievably, although tea has been cultivated and used by man for centuries, it seems to have a resurgence of popularity these past few years.

Everyone knows the healthful benefits of drinking wine, and this is particularly the reason why it seems to be marketing well these days. People are on the lookout for the new health drink, and it just makes sense to turn to a tried and proven beneficial herbal tea plant for answers.

There are many, many aspects of the tea processing. There is tea cultivation: planting, harvesting and blending. Marketing specific kinds of tea is another process, and there are many blends that are classified according to how the tea leaves undergo blending, drying, fermentation, heating or oxidization: black tea (also known as red tea,) green tea, herbal tea (infusion of herbs and fruits,) kukicha (winter tea,) milk tea (with milk and sweetener,) oolong (also known as blue or blue-green tea,) post-fermented tea, white tea and yellow tea.

Once the blends are prepared, it is usually shipped to tea stores and shops. Specialty tea shops are now sprouting everywhere, and are as popular nowadays as coffee shops. To start your own specialty tea shop, you first need to decide as to what you wish to sell. If you are thinking of selling only the blends as they are, then an Internet-based business with delivery services will more than suffice. After all, small businesses like these thrive wonderfully over the web – and there are many tea products that may have been inaccessible to the global market once before.

However, if you prefer to have your own brick-and-mortar shop, you can either sell repackaged blends or serve blends or combine both. In olden days, tea shops often double as eating establishments, and this can still be true today. If you do decide on this kind of enterprise, you need to find a location that has a lot of foot traffic; it will be good if it is near other business establishments where people are likely to seek out eating establishments for meals or snacks, or even a place to hangout. A tea shop need not be a large eating establishment. The trend now seems to lean more on small eating places or cafés. Outdoor cafés are widely prominent now. They cater to the younger generations, but still hold the attraction for the much older crowd. Besides, a smaller place of business will have lesser overhead expenses and lesser rent and utility expenses.

Once you have decided what kind of tea shop you want to run, you need to find your own suppliers, depending on the tea blends that you would like to sell. Wholesale producers will of course sell you their products at a much lower price provided that you have bulk orders. Repackaging is always part of the tea shop business, so you also need to find suppliers for your packaging materials. If you have enough finances, you can order custom-made packaging with the name of your tea shop business written on it. You also need suppliers for little pastries, sweet meats or any food item you wish to sell. If you want to prepare the food yourself, it might cost you less on the overhead expenses, but will take much more time and effort.


  • edith kawuma said on May 12, 2009
    what if i only sell the beverages and not the ready drinks, i.e i sell all types of tea, all coffee, all cocoa etc, can it work? curious edith (uganda)
  • Arun Agrawal said on December 4, 2009
    hi, i am arun agrawal. i want to start a business of tea in JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA
  • SATISH KUMAR said on March 5, 2010
    I have a small tea shop at haryana rohtak can it be improved i want your suggestion
  • sube singh said on July 30, 2010
    i am sube singh. i want to start a small business in rajasthan but i can not know that what kind of business i do. i have knowledge of sales in beverages. i want to invest 20 to 30 thousand only. please tell me about it. thanks SUBE SINGH, 09653077060
  • Rajesh singh said on August 4, 2010
    we are wholesaler of tea, wanted buyers from punjab and rajasthan
  • sreedhar jajula said on December 9, 2010
    i am sreedhar jajula i want to start the tea cafe with some different taste of teas and coffees pls. give suggestions. Nellore, Andhra pradesh, India
  • yaseen said on December 23, 2010
    I am starting tea business in pakistan. I want to know about registration, trademark, and packing machine
  • ND said on March 2, 2011
    I want to start a Tea Shop. Please help me with steps, how to plan before & after starting this business. Thane, Maharashtra, India
  • Manohar Rathore said on March 6, 2011
    dist. Jaipur, state: Rajasthan india. I wanna involve with tea business, but this is debut for me for this business. I have plan to purchase raw material and want to sell out in the market with my own brand. I have no knowledge for tea business. Plz guide me so i structure my plan.
  • gulam ahmed beginner adviser said on March 9, 2011

  • hussaina said on March 27, 2011
    i want to start a tea business but i truly don't know how to start. i have no idea on how to start apart from writing a business plan. i live in Nigeria... location of business Abuja,Nigeria
  • omar said on April 14, 2011
    i want to start tea stalls what kind of registration i have to get and how can i get govt subsidy loan
  • Sanjay said on June 3, 2011
    I m from Hyderabad. I m from Food Industry. Want to start tea business in Hyd. Pls help me, +91-9052343456
  • Sanjay Sharma said on June 25, 2011
    we are wholesaler of packet tea in Rajasthan, wanted buyers from rajasthan. Small investors contact 09954487721
  • Uday Dutta said on July 10, 2011
    Hi Manohar, I am Uday Dutta, I am a Tea Industry Professional Presently working in a reputed tea company in Delhi and belong from Assam. Pls contact.
  • Kushan said on July 12, 2011
    I want to introduce ceylon tea to japanese market. and So how am i going to promote it.
  • Uday Dutta said on July 23, 2011
    Looking for an experience tea trader as business partner to establish a tea wholesale pack unit in Assam with business trademark of his own.I am tea professional from Tea sourcing region of Assam, presently working in Delhi. I have my own industrial plot in Assam and very interested to develop a whole sale packing unit of tea for tea traders who is already in tea market with his own brand name. By prof I am a Tea taster and Blender. Mob.9718416098.
  • Richa said on July 26, 2011
    what kind of license do v need to take 4 tea business. What actions can be taken in case of not having license?
  • carl said on August 10, 2011
    Looking for a supplier of value added on teas for the swiss market, only experienced people on the swiss palette please reply,
  • MANOHAR SAH said on October 14, 2011
  • satish sharma said on October 17, 2011
    i worked as a planter in upper assam for more then 28 years now i want to start my own small unit of tea package in my home town in mathura please advise
  • Ranjeet Beedsha said on November 25, 2011
    Sir. I wanna start a tea business in a village near highway .....I am sc. so which type of help can i get from government... I am from Makrana Rajasthan..........i m doing final year....plz advice me i start and if possible any institute give training then inform me........thanks...........
  • ANISH VED said on December 4, 2011
    Hello sir i m from ahmedabad. i wanted to know if this tea cafe will work in small city like bhuj ? or i should start tea cafe in ahmedabad ? i choose bhuj bcz there is no such cafe in bhuj whereas in ahmedabad there r lot of cafes...sir please guide should i do my research..
  • Athar said on December 31, 2011
    Sir, i am in Tea business. i need some good tips regarding tea business. How i can import or export the tea from other parts of my country. i belonged to Peshawar, from Pakistan
  • gagan kothari said on March 13, 2012
    I want to start a tea shop in udaipur Rajasthan pls guide me a shop or open place on rent
  • prasad said on April 19, 2012
    i wana start tea wholesale business at andhra pradesh . what are the formalities to take to start tea business
  • kp sharma said on June 13, 2012
    i want to start wholesale business at mathura in (UP). what are the formalities to take to start tea business .how i can import or export the tea .how can received the government support.
  • Rahul Dubey said on August 19, 2012
    I want to start a tea business then can i do copyright of my tea name?
  • Deepak kumar said on August 28, 2012
    I live in Meetha pur, badar pur, Delhi. I am a supplier of momos and have two small shops where we sell momos, chowmien, rolls etc. I want to know that what kind of license do we need. Please provide the process and fees for the registration. I shall be thankful to you. Deepak kumar 9891347414
  • ankit said on September 3, 2012
    i want to start tea business in delhi. Having my own name on packaging and on invoice. please provide me with all the information to start a business.
  • Govind Singh said on September 13, 2012
    Haily Mandi Tehsil Pataudi Disst Gurgaon. Please help me. Tell me information starting the company
  • sanjay misra said on October 11, 2012
    want to export small quantity of quality tea to japan want to know about potential buyers of japan and their contact address
  • anant said on October 16, 2012
    i want to start tea dealership in pune. where will i get wholesale market in all over india? i want to start my company. i don't know anything in this business. please help
  • srinivas said on October 22, 2012
    i want to start a tea business at lb nagar, hyderabad, with an investment of 20 - 30k will it workout how much time i need to spend pls give suggestion
  • Arjun Singh Rahi said on October 29, 2012
    I am from India Bihar. I want to start tea packaging and marketing business. that's why I need registration. Kindly tell me about the organisation from where I can take my company registered. I shall be very thankful to you?
  • PRAKASH KUMAR PAL said on November 13, 2012
    As i have been working experience of 3 yrs in marketing my mind is going for business only and lastly i have decided to start & run CTC TEA, GREEN TEA, FLAVOUR TEA etc. business in wholesale type. So, what are the basic ideas to start the same with the help of marketing pls suggest.
  • mohan krishna said on November 15, 2012
    i want to start a tea business at kalyandurg , anantapur dist, with an investment of 20 - 40k will it workout how much time i need to spend pls give suggestion this is my number 9030141181
  • Krishna Dayal Dokania said on December 27, 2012
    I run a tea business since 20 years in Asansol, Burdwan- West Bengal. I have been dealing with retail type of tea supply which consists of Premium quality, repackaged and mixed tea, CTC, Darjeeling Tea and Assam Tea. Now I want extend my business to export these varieties of tea to other parts India or anywhere. Please contact me @ 918609793851
  • Elizabeth Lawson said on December 27, 2012
    Hello, I am in Ghana-Africa, a growing market for tea and I have a unique tea that is brewed locally but has potential for global market. Ghana is now emerging in oil and gas and a huge business awaits here. I am looking forward to interested investors to partner in this tea business.
  • shahnoor said on January 10, 2013
    i want to start a new business at kanpur (UP) . Kindly tell me about the organization from where I can take my company registered. shahnoor
  • harsh jain said on January 30, 2013
    please mention all your details including your name, place, interest and amount you want to invest in your business.
  • Janatha said on February 1, 2013
    I would like to start tea stall in chennai subhurb. how much investment need and how much to pay for teamaster. please guide me
  • krishnamoorthy said on February 1, 2013
    @janatha, in chennai, teastall business need one lakh(including material and shop advance) a teamaster pay 700 per day
  • Lance said on February 16, 2013
    Hi, I want to open a tea shop in Montreal Canada could you please tell how much money I'll need to start I'll be making my own sweets, thank you.
  • PAWAN MAHESHWARI said on February 26, 2013
    I am starting Tea packing business in jorhat (Assam) what is the police of marketing in assam & other state
  • MANIMUGDHA DAS said on March 2, 2013
    i have sales and marketing experience for more then 10 years in reputed co like Reliance, ICICI Bank TATA .Now I want to start a business of chain of roadside tea stall in Guwahati(assam) in a organised way. Is there any tea company who will finance me to make the stalls at the same time there products should be world class. My aim is to give people best quality tea in a hygienic way in a roadside stall.
  • Gaganjot said on March 8, 2013
    we are the tea wholesalers as well as retailers in Patiala - 147001 , punajab India
  • Zafiruddin Azmi said on March 14, 2013
    Add. Sahaspur bijnor u.p India. hello sir I want to start my new tea business in my dist. please contact me
  • Vipin Jain said on March 23, 2013
    I want to start my own business. so please contact me. +919907544022
  • sashikanth said on March 29, 2013
    sashikanth goud old bowenpalley hyderabad i wanna go to tea business and also how to take trademark and all permissions plz give the idea
  • Mamta said on April 9, 2013
    I want to start the tea leaves business with some different taste of teas pls. give suggestions. From- New Delhi. Contact No.- 9999186595
  • vineet said on April 10, 2013
    Hi Sir, i am vineet from jaipur and i want to start my own business of tea i want to do marketing with my own tea packing. Please suggest me how i start my business without experience in this line. I have money but no experience and i also want to purchase tea in cheap rates please advice me for start business. 9024028335
  • Krishna Mishra said on April 13, 2013
    dear i want to start a business of tea in our state by my own brand name, i don't have much knowledge about tea's.. so please guide me how to start. thanks & regards, Krishna Mishra, +919923556599
  • Mohit Pareek said on April 14, 2013
    I want to start a business of All type assam tea sell in Rajasthan (Sujangarh). and i have job in assam in guwahati so please advice me how much invest in this business and what prepossess of this business
  • RISHAV SINGLA said on April 15, 2013
  • pawan rajawat said on April 24, 2013
    hi i am pawan from delhi, i want to open tea stall in delhi any tips pls
  • Mukesh Sharma said on May 27, 2013
    i am Mukesh Sharma. i want to start a small business in rajasthan but i can not know that what kind of business i do. i have knowledge of sales in beverages. i want to invest 40 to 50 thousand only. please tell me about it. thanks Mukesh Sharma Mob..91-99292-11206.
  • Nadya Sabancheeva said on June 2, 2013
    Hello! I live in Russia. I adore tea and want to have my own tea shop Do I need to have a license? I hope that my supplier will have it and that's enough. Tell me please what should be written in the tea contract between my supplier and me? thank you for your answer.
  • Prakash Agarwal said on June 8, 2013
    Sir i am from dibrugarh, assam and i want to start a business of tea wholesaler in kota rajasthan by my own brand name, i don't have much knowledge about tea's.. so please guide me how to start. Thanks & regards, Prakash Agarwal. +919954440958.
  • Ram Lal said on June 24, 2013
    sir, i am from aburoad (rajasthan). i want to start a business of tea wholesale market in all over rajasthan & i don't have any knowledge in this field. so, please guided me that am start a my own business in (rajasthan. i hope you support & guide me mo.8952080090, 7665846362) Thanking You
  • Asif Iqbal said on July 3, 2013
    sir i am from uttar pardesh azagarh and i am willing to start a tea business over here as i have no knowledge about this can you plz help me regarding this my no is 09935452450
  • Sanket Shrivastava said on July 5, 2013
    sir, i am from Jaipur (rajasthan). i want to start a business of tea business in all over Jaipur & i don't have any knowledge in this field and I have found that wholesale tea suppliers ,repackaging materials . so, please guided me that am start a my own business in Jaipur(rajasthan). i hope you support & guide me mo.9529280456 , 8003394110 Thanking You. Sanket Shrivastava
  • Amrit sagar Saikia said on July 28, 2013
    i am a tea manufacturer and supplier from assam ,my mail add ( Please write to me for tea business.
  • Vikas seth said on August 2, 2013
    I am a CTC tea and green tea wholesaler in Delhi, successfully selling packet tea and loose tea under my brand name NELSUN TEA. I am looking for suppliers to sell my brand in Delhi and nearby cities. You can call me at 9818204877 and mail me at
  • krishna kanth said on September 10, 2013
    hello my name is krishna kanth i want to start tea business with my own name brand i need tea dealers address in assam who can supply loose tea powder in bulk at medak andhra pradesh
  • rahman said on September 15, 2013
    Hi! I am Rahman. I wanna start a new business of tea. I know from where to purchase, but i came to know that license is compulsory for this business. so, is this the sale license or labour license required for this. plz support me with ur efficient ideas.
  • rangasamy said on October 4, 2013
    I'm in Chennai. I want to start tea shop in the suburban (upcoming area). Let me know the area which is suitable and what is the minimum capital requirement etc.
  • harjeet singh said on October 7, 2013
    i want to sell assam best quality tea online at punjab rajesthan
  • bala said on October 7, 2013
    We supply tea of all grades in wholesale to anyone who is interested in starting this business and give them guidance. We deal with the product from directly from estates in India. Please call 9841316493 if you need help or if you need to buy this in bulk.
  • bala said on October 7, 2013
    Wanted distributors and dealers through India for our branded and unbranded Tea . Call 9841316493 or email
  • atul said on November 17, 2013
    Hi, i am a tea distributor from assam and having a good hold in mumbai. i can supply huge quantity of best quality tea directly from tea estate to retailers in mumbai at best price. if anyone needs best assam tea den contact me at
  • Pawan jha said on November 17, 2013
    Hi I hv my business in mumbai for exports of textile now I want to expand my business in other products and we decide for tea. As we dont hv idea want some one from tea manufacturing side to help us. Pls help us to grow mutually. With regards Pawan 8108162255
  • mohammed iqbal said on November 25, 2013
    I am from mumbai, i want to start tea business in wholesale and retail, please advice me how to start this business and information of distributor and supplier in mumbai.
  • EMMANUEL STEPHEN said on November 30, 2013
    I am interested to start a tea shop, i need your guides on how to start, capital involve and the different teas, coffee. KADUNA, NIGERIA.
  • SANTU said on December 1, 2013
    I want to know about that how to get trade mark license and register my tea brand. from Assam
  • srinivas said on December 22, 2013
    hi sir/madam, this is srinivas from mysore, i want start tea business in mysore, but i dont have any ideas about making of good varieties of about indian tea system, i want to know about different types of tea, can u people give ideas to me. 9741208609
  • safiya sultana said on January 3, 2014
    hi, I am a resident of Hyderabad and i want to start white tea business here. I have no experience . I want to know the minimum budget required for starting this business .does the tea business have good profit margin? Can white tea business flourish in hyderabad?
  • rajesh said on January 30, 2014
    sir / Madam we are supplying tea to tea shops in our area, sir i want low rate tea in kg packets, kindly mail me where can get it. I am from chittoor andhra pradesh.
  • ata said on February 9, 2014
    hi, I want to start a tea shop, i need your guides on how to start.
  • Mahesh Sharma said on February 14, 2014
    i want to start a business of tea/coffee/bakery in JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN, INDIA , i have own shop (Area 300 to 700 sq. feet ) i need your guides on how to start.
  • Avyukt Sathiamurthi said on February 16, 2014
    We are supplying own branded tea with 50,100,250,500 grams ..also other nasals tea and custom blended as per request... Pls send your inquiries to
  • d.kumar said on February 17, 2014
    we are suppliers of tea direct from factory dust/ctc/hotel blend/golden dust TN,AP,MH,etc.09000779719
  • Avyukt Sathiamurthi said on February 20, 2014
    We are provide all varieties of Tea like Green Tea, Lemon Tea, CTC, Blended, Ginger Tea.. , send your inquiries to
  • vikas said on February 24, 2014
    Hello, we r tea traders. We want sell tea online plz suggest us how we do it!
  • Chanderkant said on March 1, 2014
    Dear Sir, I want to start a business of Tea as a trader in East Delhi, India. Please provide me suggestion how much money & legal formalities require in this Sector, Kindly also advice there is any subsidy of Govt to be given tea trader. Thanking you, Chanderkant 9953166188
  • Ajit Das said on March 9, 2014
    I am belong to Guwahati having pharmaceutical business since last 25years successfully. Now planning to expand business by adding food process/tea repacking/snacks items. I require consultancy who can guide n supply tea repacking machinery to run a small tea repacking unit. Pls mail me to, or call me on 09435190613 Thank you.
  • pranay kadam said on March 12, 2014
    sir i want to start a new business but i am confuse what to start and i want help n guideline of yours, please help me as early as possible, i have my own shop in kolhapur, maharashtra and i have my budget upto 1 lakh to invest
  • Gaurav said on March 13, 2014
    Hi all, We are providing Famous Assam black tea with proper and tasty blend . Right now promoting in Some area of U.P. Now have plan to expend . Looking for those who are interested in trading and distribution business of tea . Not looking for heavy investment in start . Just start the ride with 100 kg and let your business get set . feel free for contact on . Sampling available . Gaurav shukla
  • Anil Dutta said on March 17, 2014
  • dhan said on March 25, 2014
    sir, i want to start loose assam tea business at noida and i have no any idea and what kinds of document require. i am basically from assam so kindly give me information. my
  • ankit kejriwal said on March 28, 2014
    i am a tea seller. if anybody interest plz contact;09093066900
  • Guman Singh said on April 8, 2014
    Hello sir, I want to start tea business in jalore rajasthan. And I have no but idea about tea bulk so please Tell me about this business and how can i will success in this business. My contact 9022665272
  • pranab said on April 15, 2014
    i am from Assam and interested in tea business if anybody want tea form Rajasthan area plz inform me my price is 300-360 per kilogram my number is 09531064694 or 09402682909
  • hussain beginner adviser said on April 27, 2014
    i help you to start tea business in low investment in different taste and all packing cover and machines guidance and license. Contact;09633652470. || Consultant

  • mike said on April 30, 2014
    want to know much more abt what you shared, in brief
  • sk trading said on May 15, 2014
    We also started tea business in Ahmedabad its going well our brand name is good day tea..we are supplying wholesale and retail...its from Assam and south tea is available...we will support u for ur me sk trading...09979956697
  • vikas joshi said on May 23, 2014
    Hi I Want to Start tea business rajasthan but i don't know about that tea blend n which place purchase tea plz help me
  • suresh singh said on May 25, 2014
    Hi..frnds, my name is suresh singh from TINSUKIA(assam). If any body..wants assam tea,ctc tea,green tea,orthodox tea,primary tea,secondary tea,etc.etc. kindly contact me. U will receive it in very cheap rate with best quality. Kindly contact number is 8723009726/ 8011175060........
  • rajneesh sharma said on June 1, 2014
    Hi, I want to start tea business in Delhi. could you please let me know that how can i start it. i have no knowledge about license & registration and from where i purchase bulk tea.
  • surinder bhatia said on June 13, 2014
    Hi, I am very much inclined for starting my own green tea business and supply it to various vendors and market. Also am planning to start its export to various green tea consuming countries. Kindly contact if you are a green tea grower, and send me the quotes. my email is


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