Opening a Farm Shop

Starting your own farm shop can be simple as long as you stick with the basics. This guideline will be of great help to you as you begin to start this profitable venture.

To become successful in your farm shop start up, begin with simple basic steps.

Develop a Farm Shop Business Plan

Begin with the end in mind. Picture how you want your shop to look like. Then begin to list down things you would need to make that picture come true. From the simple visuals, try to expand those ideas on paper. We suggest you beef up on your personal know how. Read books. Conduct interviews of successful business owners of farm shops. And why not be a customer to one? Try to feel how it really is. These experiences will put your creative juices on overdrive.

Find a Suitable Location

If you have your own farm to begin with, it is best to locate your farm shop near it or a few distances beside it. Seeing an actual farm attracts produce clients. The smell of soil and fresh vegetables bring out the organic image you want your shop to have. Then hire a contractor to help you with your construction requirements.

License and Finance your Farm Shop

Every business has legal procedures for it to operate lawfully. Visit your nearby city hall to inquire about the farm shop licenses, permits and necessary documents you need to start operating. Your startup cost for a farm shop will not only include these but also for financing your location. Try talking about it with your city hall personnel. They may have government loans that can help you fund your business.

Have a Variety and Selection of Produce

Organize your produce by category. Put the same fruits and vegetables together. Find another space for your dried fruits, nuts and seeds as well as for your dairies, milk, and yogurts. If you are mixing other high quality products local or international, have an extra section for them in your shop. Also find a separate space for your fresh and frozen meats as well as a storage place for your jams and preservatives.

Have “add-ons” in your Farm Shop

Have a coffee shop area with a small bakery inside your shop. Why not add a breakfast menu as well? Add-ons create more business revenue and create more clients.

Offer Convenience by Offering Delivery Services

There are many businesses produced and reached thru deliveries like homes, offices, restaurants, markets and even retailers. Offer no more driving and parking for your veggies. Offer service that other farm shop competitors don’t.

Hire Reliable Staff

Since you’ll have a breakfast menu, hire chefs who can do an excellent job. Hire a couple of people to help you manage the shop and deliveries too.


  • Tayabeh Ekbatani said on September 26, 2011
    Muscat- Oman. Dear Sir, / Madam, I would like to start up my business, as a selling Nuts and seeds (food items) in the small shop, location in Muscat-Oman. The info which I found in your website, it was very valuable for me. May I ask you help me to write (or give me the sample) the Business Plan. I know we can contact to the some of the company or website to get it, but you know I don’t have enough money now, and its small business, but the bank which they wants to give me a loan asked me (Business Plan). Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any question in this regard. Thanks, T. Ekbatani 00968-929 85 700
  • Laura Puff said on April 5, 2012
    We raise grass-fed beef and buyers want to stop by and buy beef at the farm instead of going to the local healthfood store. I want to sell spiritual/country gifts. Is it a good idea or not to open a small store on the property?
  • vijay dwivedi said on November 28, 2012
    i want to open a new business dealership process send and team & condition , Contact Number, profit level , full detail / from SATNA (M.P.)
  • Jennifer said on July 11, 2015
    Denver co


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