Become N-Hance Franchisee

Do you want to own a business that restores cabinets, floors, and other wood surfaces? We can show you how to start N-Hance Franchise so you can offer a unique service.

Their process can achieve incredible results with a low cost. Your customers will love the way that the cabinets and wood floor look so just take advantage of this.

N-Hance addresses the dilemma for business owners and homeowners who have significantly invested in trim, wood floors and cabinets. When there was no traditional solution before, now the solution would be to let refinishers and sanders grind the original finish as well as the top layer of wood and refinish it with a petroleum-based varnish.

N-Hance Franchise Business Plan

As a part of Harris Research Inc., N-Hance has placed years of research in a water-based polyurethane solution that can offer a new way for customers to regain the original wood beauty. Check out why home owners dread refinishing their floors and cabinets and what can be done to solve this concern through their official website.

To be a franchisee of N-Hance, you can count on their training and support through their CLASS (Communications, Learning, and Support System) online. This advanced communication features search, profile, library, news, forum, and e-mail. Make sure that you request more information by contacting them.
Startup N-Hance Franchise

There are eight simple steps to get started in having an N-Hance franchise. These are the following:

  • Review the DVD and information packet you will receive from the company – it’s recommended that you create your list of questions and schedule a time with a representative to answer them.
  • Answer the confidential questionnaire – make sure that you complete this form to continue with the process of mutual evaluation. After a full review and background check, you will receive the FDD.
  • Review the FDD (Franchise Disclosure Document) – this contains information about investment, initial fees, and franchise agreement.
  • FDD Receipt – there is a green receipt inside the FDD that you should sign.
  • Validation Calls – this step includes calling the existing owners of N-Hance franchise so that you can learn more about the company and see if it will fit your goals and expectations.
  • Territory Disclosure – once you specify your exact geographical area, an Area Disclosure Document will be sent to you. This document will outline the territory population.
  • Franchise Approval – to proceed with secure approval and franchise acquisition, you must send the following to HR: the dated and signed green FDD receipt page and a $16,000 down payment in the form of money order or cashier’s check.
  • Signing Franchise Agreements – upon approval of the items above, N-Hance will send you two copies of a franchise agreement. There is a five-day waiting period before signing this agreement. Finally, you are now a franchisee of N-Hance.


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