Starting The Alternative Board Franchise

Bringing your entrepreneurial experience and expertise in the forefront, starting a franchise of The Alternative Board (TAB) ensures profitably extending your knowledge through facilitating and leading groups of business owners, presidents and CEO’s.

The Alternative Board is a good opportunity for those with senior level managerial skills seeking out balance with their life and helping the community.

Starting an Alternative Board franchise is a good opportunity for those who have the experience and expertise in entrepreneurship. Franchising Alternative Board enables senior level entrepreneur to extend their knowledge and success to other businessmen.

Established in 1990, The Alternative Board (TAB) is a membership organization for business owners, presidents and CEO’s. They meet once a month to discuss means by which they can prosper their businesses. The groups are composed of up to 10 members each that are non-competing, in any way, with one another.

TAB members interact with each other through seeking advices with one another as to how they can possibly overcome business challenges. It was like a consultative board that aims to optimize the business operation of each member. They may deal with any business matters such boosting sales, improving performance, maximizing resources, company management and leadership.

The Alternative Board started franchising in 1996 and is now becoming a prominent consultancy firm.

As a consultancy firm, being a TAB facilitator or TAB franchisee, one must have 10 or more years of senior level management or consulting experience. This is one of the most important qualifications for franchising the Alternative Board. Facilitating, of course, of a group of knowledgeable individuals, requires much great savvy on the matter discussed.

In addition, one may also franchise TAB as the complementary consultancy firm for their existing consultancy practice.

Total investment required for starting a TAB franchise ranges from $47,385 to $111,375 while franchising fee is at $25,000 to $55,000. Other qualifications are the net worth and cash liquidity requirement which are $300,000 and $70,000 consequently. Franchisees must also have industry experience, general business experience, marketing skills and a minimum of 10 years senior level executive experiences as mentioned earlier. The term of agreement with TAB is a 10-year renewable contract.

A Tab franchise can be run from home and a minimum of one employee is needed for the business operation. Absentee ownership of franchise is, however, not allowed.

The business operation of TAB franchisees encompasses chairing a group meeting, coaching individual sessions through TAB’s propriety tools and processes, helping members define personal and business visions and assisting business members in strategically leading their businesses to progress. Starting Alternative Franchise also entails maintaining privacy and confidentiality of conversations.

What’s more with franchising Alternative Board is that skilled entrepreneurs get to help their community businesses and livelihood.


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