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Blimpie franchise is a business that is known all over the world. Blimpie has been operating for the last 44 years.

Fact is: with these numbers of years in business it is a guarantee that owning a Blimpie franchise is a business worth your effort and money.

Started in Hoboken, New Jersey in 1964 by Anthony Conza with the help of two friends and a borrowed capital of $2,500 Blimpie was born. From its first store, it has become an international chain of restaurant located all over America and other countries worldwide. They have 17,000+ outlets in America and 15 franchises around the globe.

The idea of Blimpie started with a simple American dream: to create America’s best dressed sandwich. Stack freshly sliced meats, cheeses and toppings custom prepared on freshly baked bread right in front of your customers. To make it more simple, there will be no cooking or frying involved.

Total investment required for a Blimpie franchise is $ 145,850 - $ 397,800, franchise fee $ 5,000 - $ 18,000, royalty fee 6%. If you do not have this much capital Blimpie do not offer financing assistance but, you can purchase a Blimpie franchise together with a business partner provided your partner owns 50% of the company.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Blimpie family you can gather all the information you need on their website. Fill out the online contact information sheet and a Blimpie representative will get in touch with you for a personal meeting with them. During your meeting you will receive the uniform franchise offering circular together with a copy of the franchise agreement.

With Blimpie you will be guided every step of the way. From the selection of a viable location of your Blimpie store to lease negotiations, construction of your store including exterior and interior design. If there is an existing Blimpie store in your area the Blimpie area developer and real estate team will be the one to find a suitable location for you to build up your store. Trainings are also included in the package. The Blimpie team will help you from beginning to the grand opening of your Blimpie franchise up to the ongoing processes for marketing and operations. The Blimpie marketing team will assist you in creating a nationwide advertising campaign for your business. During the training a max of two people is allowed to attend, this is part of the franchisee fee.

If you have questions regarding how much money you can earn from the franchise business nobody can answer you about the exact figures. The franchising law forbids all franchising concepts to discuss this matter but they will let you speak to some of the current franchisees and discuss/learn with them about the profit numbers and sales.f


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