Starting Which Wich Superior Sandwiches Franchise

Do you want a unique and revolutionary business that offers one low set price? At Which Wich, the customers can place their orders by marking up pre-printed menus found on sandwich bags.

This creates brand loyalty, customer satisfaction, and greater efficiency created by Sinelli Concepts. We can share with you how to start Which Wich Superior Sandwiches Franchise here.

Wich Which is a simple yet innovative sandwich concept that focuses only on “wich,” – a term they use for a toasted sandwich currently available in more than 50 varieties. The company is strategically positioned in the casual sector of the restaurant industry. The system is successful because it focuses only on wiches (with accompanying cookies, shakes, drinks, and chips).

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches Business Plan

The founder of Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, Jeff Sinelli, was frustrated with the sandwiches ordered at quick service restaurants. Therefore, he has set his mind to create an innovative and fresh concept – no salads, no soups, just wiches served in an inviting environment.

The company welcomes a lot of application for a franchise. There are two ways for you to submit your intention: either by filling out their online form or contacting them. Their franchise plan can be explained through the following:

  • Real Estate – there is a “Site Criteria Guideline” to ensure that the detailed process of site selection is covered. You can find Which Wich Superior Sandwiches franchises in enclosed malls, carry-out/delivery locale, military bases, hospitals, universities, and food courts.
  • Training and Support – you need to have a two-week training session in the company’s headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This includes hands-on training, on-line manuals, and classroom time.
  • Advertising – you will be required to spend a portion of the sales on marketing and advertising but everything should be approved by the company first before you implement it.

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches Business Guide

Which Wich Superior Sandwiches franchise is awarded based on several qualifications including general compatibility with their concept, energy and enthusiasm, integrity, prior experience, personal/company commitment, and financial resources. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Research the opportunity – you can visit the store or meet the corporate team to become familiar with the brand.
  • Apply online – fax or mail your application. It is best to do it online for convenience.
  • Evaluation of your application – a committee will evaluate your file and application. When you’ve met the preliminary requirements, you will be sent an UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular).
  • Personal interview – you may be asked to prepare your business plan at this point. Other candidates will also be asked for further information or documentation.
  • Execution of final agreement – upon final approval, you need to pay the necessary fees and receive the final agreements. After which, you are now a part of the Which Wich Superior Sandwiches franchise family.

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  • Brandi Mercado said on September 11, 2014
    Hello, My name is Brandi Mercado and I am a student at Florida International University, majoring in Business Management and Marketing. In my Small Business Management course that I am taking this semester, we are doing a franchising project in which we choose a company that we would potentially want to franchise. I really love the concept of Which and would love to further my research on your company. In order to complete this project, I would need to view your UFOC and Franchise Disclosure. If you could put me in contact with someone who may be able to send me this information I would greatly appreciate it. I will not disclose this information with anyone other than the people in my class and my professor. If you could please get back to me at your earliest convenience, I would highly appreciate it. Sincerely, Brandi Mercado


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