Owning a Bruegger's Franchise

Bruegger’s, most famous for its authentic baked and boiled bagels, is the leading franchisor of top-quality bakery stores in the United States.

With its warm and comfortable store settings, Bruegger’s has been one of the leading destinations for millions of Americans who wanted to have freshly baked breads and sandwiches.

If you want to know more about the company, follow the steps below and see what is in store for you once you own a Bruegger’s franchise.

Bruegger’s is the home of authentic baked and boiled bagels. For many years now, the company has been lending its expertise to hundreds of franchisees in making variety of stone-heart breads and other softwich breads.

To date, the company is looking for qualified business partners that would want to join its expansion plan. Here are several things that you need to know in owning a Buergger’s franchise:

Business experience – The company preferred people with solid business background, results-oriented, and has passion in restaurant business. Interested applicants should also have enough financial capital to build the business from the ground-up and at least one of the owners should have a previous experience in running or working in a restaurant.

A qualification specialist will help determine and evaluate your objectives and see if you are fit in running a Bruegger’s franchise.

Initial Investment – A single Bruegger’s bakery-cafe may cost from $391,600 to $578,600. The amount will already cover the franchising fee and other equipment expenses but will not include the construction, lease, or real estate expenditures. The franchising fee, on the other hand, is around $30,000.

Financial Stability – Bruegger’s also requires its franchisees to be financially stable and should have a liquid asset of at least $150,000. A minimum net worth of $335,000 is also required. Meanwhile, the royalty fee of five percent will be deducted to your annual revenue once you already start operations.

Terms of Agreement – The franchising agreement for each store will last for 10 years and can always be renewed once the deal has already expired.

Training – Brugger will take care of all the training for you and all of you employees. A team of dedicated experts will help you understand the business operations and what it takes to be a successful businessman. The bakery training will take up to eight weeks while additional management training and support will be given occasionally during forums and seminars.

Financing – The company does not provide franchisees with financing. But the company will take care of all the requirements you will need in filing for SBA loans.

Site Study and Development – With decades of experience, Brueggers has the capability of determining which sites will be lucrative for business operations. A team of experts and real-estate managers will work closely with you when you want to know what site works best for you.


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