Port Of Subs Franchisee

Port Of Subs is offering a very interesting opportunity for interested franchisees.

In their offer includes a whole lot of benefits, together with the company’s name and well-acclaimed reputation, all for such an affordable cost.

New entrepreneurs who are planning to enter the franchising business may be heading on to some great benefits awaiting them. Usually, new entrepreneurs tend to be very idealistic in their plans for their own business venture. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big and aiming high. What matters most is how you will analyze and choose from all of the businesses out there that are available for franchising. To give you some ideas on how to go about it, you can start on developing your dream business. What industry are you planning on penetrating? In answering this question, the current issues and trends must be the ones you would focus on. There have been a considerable number of findings reported about the quality of the food people eat. When you say food, you can hardly go out of business with this field because all people need food forever. But the thing is, how do you want your food business? With all the fast food business spurting everywhere like mushrooms, your choice would deliberately turn to something different to those restaurants. Try something healthy and fresh. That way, you will attract the health conscious people, whom are already growing in number by the way due to the awareness for weight related diseases and illnesses. The next consideration would be the investment cost. It should be reasonable enough to the benefits and services it can provide for you.

And what better restaurant there is to think of than Port of Subs. This restaurant caters the people’s cravings for healthy and fresh food choices. Many people who have tried it have testified to the great-tasting foods served hot from the oven. They truly approved of the freshness of their foods as they are served by accommodating staffs. Port Of Subs had also received numerous recognitions for the kind of business that they have been over the years. If this is the kind of feedback that Port of Subs has been getting in its 35 years of existence, then it must really be the one to pick for a franchising opportunity.

For you to open your own Port Of Subs restaurant, you must have at least $194,000 to $306,000. Your starting capital may be at $80,000. Upon signing the 10-year contract, you must pay the company their franchising fee which is at $20,000. If the contract expires, you can still have it renewed with the company for another term of 10 years. The Port Of Subs is only getting 5.5% of its franchisee’s net sales, which is quite a humble amount given that the company has already accomplished a lot thru their system.

To be a qualified franchisee, you must have a net worth of $250,000. Aside from that, your liquid cash must be at least $75,000 to $80,000. For you to work at your best in the company, you must have had a general business experience with excellent marketing skills.


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