Become Bandana's Bar-B-Q Franchisee

In starting a Bandana's Bar-B-Q franchise, you should allocate a budget and select a location for your restaurant before you apply for the franchise.

Once you have applied you will be able to benefit from their entire franchisee package and start bringing a southern style feel to your vicinity.

Bandana’s Bar-B-Q is the home of “Southern Style” barbeque. Their trademark slogan “Smell that smoke” was derived from the savory smoke smell that identifies their barbeque. All their meats are especially prepared with hardwoods to create the smoked flavor. This is an excellent franchise choice for barbeque lovers out there!

The first Bandana's BAR-B-Q was opened in September 1996 in Arnold, Missouri and has since spread its franchise throughout the country. Aside from the Smokey taste of their food, their trademark includes exceptionally quick service in the best Southern style family atmosphere.

Their hardwood smokers run 24 hours a day ensuring the building of intense flavors with every bite of their meats. Aside from the detail in their meats, they take great care in ensuring that the rest of their ingredients are as fresh as they get. These are a few factors to consider when you open up your franchise. You would of course want to keep to the customers high expectations of your restaurant, if not give them more than they expect.

To even consider being a franchisee, you must first allocate the budget you will need for your business and of course, decide on the locale of your business. You may either loan from a bank or financial firm to gather the necessary funding.

The total investment cost is $417,700 - $1,139,000 with a Franchise fee of $40,000. You will be required to pay an ongoing royalty fee of 5% and the Term of agreement is 10 years, renewable. Qualifications include a cash liquidity requirement of $250,000 and essential business experience which includes general business experience and industry experiences. The numbers of employees you will need to run your franchised unit are at least 30 to 40 and absentee ownership of franchise is allowed.

Training will be held at headquarters for 5 weeks and at the franchisee’s location for ten days. Additional training may be requested if needed. Ongoing support will be in the form of newsletters, scheduled meetings their toll free phone line, at the grand opening of your franchise, internet, through security and safety procedures, field operations and evaluations and purchasing cooperatives. Marketing support on the other hand will be through ad slicks and regional advertising.


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