How To Start Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Franchise

The Perkins Restaurant and Bakery provides quality and delicious food for any time of day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The goal of the company is to provide only the best affordable and quality dining experience for the entire family.

The Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Franchise has been the best in family dining since 1958, with almost 500 units in 35 states in the US and 5 provinces in Canada. It is one of the top performing companies with regards to family dining and has since expanded its market to include qualified would be business goers to continue spreading the Perkins name throughout the country in their business franchise opportunity.

The Perkins Restaurant and Bakery franchise offers a variety of food and dining options for the entire family. It is with the company’s growing popularity among residents that it’s goal has developed into not only providing the best for the people but also giving them the opportunity to partake in a successful business and enjoy many benefits from it. These benefits include multiple revenue streams which are breakfast, lunch, dinner and their in house bake shop. The service to guests from different age groups and from all walks of life. A keen focus on the future development of the company is eminent, and this is because the system adapts to the changing and modernization that takes place through the course of time, therefore assuring its easy adaptation to changing market trends.

Upon approval of the franchise application the franchiser will be supported from the building design, construction to the pre and post operational training and support. The General Manager and other management employees will undergo 12 weeks of training. The New Store Opening Team of about 14 professional and corporate trainers will be available for up to 30 days at the site.
The initial investment necessary may vary upon the region or territory in which the franchise is being planned on setting up. The franchise fee is roughly $40,000 with a total investment of $1,990,000 - $3,600,000. The ongoing royalty fee is 4% with a 20 year renewable term of agreement. There is a 3% revenue marketing fee, 2.25% of which is spent on the media and .75% on the development of marketing material in terms of radio, TV, advertising and print. Also, 1% of the revenue is spent on local store marketing within the community. The Net worth requirement is $1,500,000 with a cash liquidity requirement of $500,000. General business experience is required with some industry experience. As per operations is concerned, 40% of all franchisees own more than one unit and absentee ownership of franchise in not allowed.
The franchise offers a trusted name in the in the restaurant and bakery industry, with available secure territories in major areas that are open to multi unit ownership. The family oriented and comfortable business concept is backed by a team of highly dedicated individuals who are up and ready to hand over their support to interested franchisees. Starting with the designing of the location, the grand opening of the business, daily operation and other activities after the opening of the business, the support team will be there every step of the way. The franchise package offers a comprehensive training involving recipes and preparation, operational and business procedures, customer service, a confidential operations manual, software systems for efficient business management, aid with the purchase of equipment and inventory for the locations, ongoing marketing assistance and on site visits with phone and email support.


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