How Much Is Jollibee Franchise

Jollibee is one of the most popular Philippine franchises to date and has had several success stories in the franchise industry ranging from local to international.

Jollibee started in the Philippines in 1975 initially as an ice cream parlor and has since expanded its menu to include burgers and rice meals.

Jollibee opened its doors to the franchising world in 1978 and has since been helping entrepreneurs all over the world establish financial independence and freedom. Many people opt to establish their own businesses yet they cannot afford to take a risk on doing it by themselves without any prior knowledge or experience that is why franchises serve as the best option towards gearing entrepreneurs into building their own successful business. The overall franchise expense comes inclusive of training in terms of management and operation.

To apply for a Jollibee franchise one must have good community standing, strong leadership and people handling skills, the willingness to devote time in managing the restaurant, and the ability to successfully complete the required training program. Though having a managerial background and prior experience is not a prerequisite to apply for the franchise it is however an advantage. Therefore if you have little to no knowledge of the basics of managing a restaurant business then it would be best to take classes, do your own research or evaluate existing businesses. You may even get an idea of marketing strategies and ideal business models that they utilize and use the outcomes and effects to your advantage and review.

The initial steps include the downloading and filling up of the franchise application form which is available on the company website. Fill out the form completely and prepare a proposal for application which should include the following documents: The Letter of intent, which will contain the exact address of the proposed site as well as your contact number and mailing address, The vicinity map of the proposed site which will guide the Jollibee field personnel who will make the trip there for the on-site evaluation, Legal documents certifying ownership of the site and a detailed resume or biodata. These documents along with the application may either be directly brought in or mailed to the Jollibee main branch in Pasig City.

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Processing takes around 2 to 3 months upon receipt of the application and does not necessarily secure you as a franchise owner rather is just an initial step in the application process. The support team has yet to evaluate the proposed location before making any approval. The franchise fee for the Jollibee franchise ranges from around 15 million to 30 million pesos which are roughly $266,455 to $532,890, the details of which will be discussed with you in person once you have been approved of your application. The training takes place both at the headquarters and main branch as well as on-site once your establishment has been built and is fully stocked and ready for operation.

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  • Lindy Moreno said on August 2, 2011
    i just want to know how much to buy jollibee franchise located in Estancia Ilo-ilo?
  • Rodolfo Moncada said on October 10, 2011
    Portland Oregon 97266. Please tell me the franchise located in Portland Oregon and I really wanted to put a 2 or more outlet here, people looking a Jollibee here in Portland, please help me to put a outlet here
  • Eufemia Rivera said on December 11, 2011
    How can I get a franchise for Jolibee in Chicago, Illinois. Who would be the direct person to contact
  • benrulyn park said on April 17, 2012
    hello i've just wanted to ask about the franchising i'm staying in cebu city philippines, as i reading the details its cost of 30million pesos, is that price is included the building,cooking materials and the furniture? how about my foreigner friend wants to franchise is it same price as 30 million? and what documents to processing for foreigner wants to franchise? pls send me more info into my email. hope to hear u soon,
  • james villamor said on April 21, 2012
    Those drive thru models, what is the franchise cost(around P30M I presume) and the estimated cost of the building(excluding the property)?
  • marinet dayrit said on June 25, 2012
    caroline springs, melbourne, victoria 3023 australia. i need an estimate of the the cost of jollibee franchise in aus.
  • Edmundo J. Noble said on September 21, 2012
    hi i've just wanted to ask about the franchising i'm ofw in kuwait and my family live in philippines at Valenzuela City, i just want to know how much for franchising a jolibee in pesos, and its included the building, all cooking materials and the furniture? and what is the all documents to process pls send me more info into my email. hope to hear u soon... Tnx and GOD BLESS...
  • mary ann basa said on October 9, 2012
    hi just wanna ask how much to buy jollibee franchise located in makati city. is that all materials. buildings and all staffs are included? thanks!
  • angelita l.samontina said on October 11, 2012
    in bislig mangagoy philippines how much jollibee franchise for now?
  • daryl john berio said on November 8, 2012
    how much is the franchise of jollibee here in hinigaran, neg. occidental?
  • annabelle m flores said on January 10, 2013
    Hi, i'm a filipino living in canada, i just want to know if i can have a franchise of jollibee here in calgary and red deer both in alberta province, CANADA. Thank you...
  • Dr Wilfred G Dee said on January 15, 2013
    how much is the franchise of jollibee here in pangasinan phil.thanks
  • NANCY ODA said on January 17, 2013
  • michael mendoza said on January 31, 2013
  • rudy legaspi said on February 7, 2013
    Hi give me idea how much franchise i need to make a business in atlanta.
  • Chesca Salonga said on February 19, 2013
    Hi, I'm interested in franchising Jollibee here in Ontario, Canada. I just want to know much does it cost to franchise Jollibee? Please contact me through email. Thanks a lot. Cheers :0
  • ms.chiang said on February 28, 2013
    hi! i really want to franchise this fast food business. is 30 Million all in all-close payment including the location, the land the construction of store and all included stuffs needed? please send me complete information on how to franchise and the deals thank you very much:-)
  • Maria Elena Jaberina said on March 8, 2013
    may i know how much is the franchise of jollibee in Tacloban? and carigara leyte. thank you very much I wait to your response.
  • Rosita manipor said on March 15, 2013
    just want to know how much is the franchise of jolibee i have may own lot corner in comembo makati. please give me advice how can i inquire. thank you very and god bless
  • Joy Bedes said on March 30, 2013
    Hi, I just want to inquire what are the procedures of Jollibee Franchising in Malaysia and How much could it be? Please reply me with complete info. Thanks and regards
  • ymell said on April 3, 2013
    Hi sir/maam.. i just want to know if in that franchising fee of 15 to 30 million, is that the construction of said establishment of jollibee is not included or included in that 15 to 30 million? and also to be included all the equipment's in kitchen, tables, chairs and other more? thanks and god bless..
  • Anthony Riva said on April 8, 2013
    Blacktown, Sydney, Australia. We would like to know if Jollibbee is open for franchising in Australia?
  • Oscar Federico Jr. said on April 16, 2013
    does jollibee have installment for franchise, like contract of 2 years to complete the franchise amount...pls respond really interested the possible location might be in maragondon, cavite...
  • jeanette kent said on April 18, 2013
    Hello I like to have a Jollybee in florida.
  • Veronica dela Cruz said on April 24, 2013
    Novena Square, Singapore. I would like to inquire and receive full details (including application forms etc.) for franchising Jollibee as a 2nd outlet in Singapore. I am contacted via email and mobile no. 97220004. Looking forward to receiving your soonest revert.
  • Julie said on May 1, 2013
    How much would it be to open up a franchise in Vancouver BC Canada?
  • Jerry ling said on May 22, 2013
    Hi I'm planning to franchise jollibee somewhere in the polytechnic or in boat quay in Singapore . Can I check how much of capital must I required?
  • Ana Isabel Del Castillo said on June 1, 2013
    I am interested in setting up a Jollibee franchise here in Cartagena, Colombia How long will it take for this to materialized? How long is the training? Is there anything else I need to know?
  • Ed F. said on June 11, 2013
    Planning to start a fast food business here in Toronto Canada.(W/ a fast growing Filipino community) so far, we don't have Jollibee yet in our location. Pls update me if it's possible for us to start for a fast food chain and give me all the details/requirements. Cheers
  • Diana Grace Yolores said on June 29, 2013
    How much is the franchise of jollibee,I am looking forward to make food business kindly give some information about your franchise...thanks hope I can hear from your feedback..
  • norabel artista said on July 10, 2013
    Dallas Texas Grand Prairie or Arlington Texas.Pls! tell me how much is to franchise Jollibee in our location
  • Norma M. Vito said on July 11, 2013
    My husband and I are Filipino-Canadian citizens and owner of a Canadian registered company in Vancouver exporting Diagnostic Test Kits to the Phil. and other foreign countries. We are also maintaining several business interests here in the Phil. May we know how we go about applying for a Jolibee Franchise which we plan to be located in the biggest mall in Metro Vancouver. May we also know, how much would it cost for said franchise and the process that we should go thru in applying for such. Thank you.
  • lovely occena said on July 18, 2013
    hi! i'm lovely occena, i just want to know how much would it be to open up a franchise of jollibee in sta.rosa laguna. kindly give some info. thank you.
  • DENNIS DEAN GILL PAPA said on August 5, 2013
  • Annaliza Andal said on August 20, 2013
    How much will the franchise of jollibee. the location is abudhabi city, united arab of emirates. please send me the full details who will incharge of this matter as soon as possible. I need to set a meeting. so that my boss will come to the philippines..
  • Rob said on August 28, 2013
    If you go to the Jollibee website--you can get all of the franchise info you need by clicking "Franchise Opportunities"
  • akiyama laly said on September 3, 2013
    gudpm po.may i know the tell. number of main office of jollibee franchising..we want to know how much &how can i apply for franchising.thank u po
  • joy quijano said on September 12, 2013
    How much and how can i get a franchise for jollibee in chicago, illinois. Thank you.
  • Maria Vaughn said on September 20, 2013
    Hi There! I would like to know if how much is the least & most is the cost of the Jolibee franchise in Chicago. I am really interested. Can you tell me what are the requirements that I needed in order to get approved? Thanks!
  • Jon Marin said on September 24, 2013
    Hell... I have to korea looking for potential item to buy and or other idea to franchise and do business here in our country. As i go around i observed that i am putting JOLLIBEE in korea is a brilliant idea, instead of searching for thing to do business back in our country from korea its the other way around, bringing business to Korea by Jollibee... I would like to inquire how much and how to franchise Jollibee in Korea? Please send me email regarding my query. Thank you and regards... Jon
  • Jocelyn said on September 25, 2013
    How much is the franchise located in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Pls send me the franchise and other details. Thank you, Jocelyn
  • Chris said on October 11, 2013
    Hello: I'd like to ask if you can provide an estimate and the process to franchise Jollibee in Calgary, AB Canada. Thanks, Chris
  • glady faith aroso said on October 13, 2013
    hi sir/maam.. we just ask about franchise of jollibee here abu dhabi united arab emirates.. coz my friend local people here in abu dhabi they want to make that business, a lot of filipino people they miss the food in jollibee so its the best idea i can recommend to my friend thank u
  • juvy Linao said on October 23, 2013
    hello, i'd like to ask if how much we spend or cost to have jollibee franchise here in visayas in dumaguete or cebu..
  • Viv Vega said on October 30, 2013
    Hi there, I want to know how much roughly the franchise cost in Talisay Cebu?
  • Rowena Ignacio said on November 4, 2013
    My husband and I are Filipino-Canadian citizens and live here in the Province Ontario, Canada. I just want to know much does it cost to franchise Jollibee? May we also know, how much would it cost for said franchise and the process that we should go thru in applying for such. Thank you.
  • sheena macapobre said on November 10, 2013
    i'm lotto winner of phil lotto 6/55 of 75 million pesos ,until now i'm not engage in any business investment ,recently i'm interested to franchise in jollibee, your initial requirement is 30 million of franchise fee ,i want more info about the additional expenses for this business how much i shoulder, thank you
  • Mila Mailed said on November 14, 2013
    How can I get a franchise for Jolibee in Atlanta, Georgia. Who would be the direct person to contact?
  • Esmeralda ponteres said on November 17, 2013
    San diego cal usa and melbourne australia coz were planning to move there
  • maeda leilani guiang said on November 17, 2013
    how can i get a franchise for jollibee here in nagoya japan , where can i inquire? and will the cost and procedure also the same in the philippines?
  • Ralph Bronson said on November 24, 2013
    How much is the cost of Franchising a Jollibee Restaurant, in the Cebu area of the Philippines.
  • Ms. Jessica Dohn said on December 8, 2013
    Please inform me of your Jollibee franchising( costs, shipping, etc.) for Berlin, Germany. Thank you and hope to hear from you very soon.
  • Mabel said on December 11, 2013
    Hi! i'm a Filipino and my husband is Chinese from Malaysia. We'll! i'm interested of jollibee franchising but I juz want to know The total cost for everything plan cost shipping n so on...thanks ! Pls.send me reply n contact person for inquiry.
  • Cristina said on December 14, 2013
    Hi, I also have a restaurant here in Abu dhabi, a very popular among the filipinos. I like to expand more and I am thinking to franchise jollibee in the United States where there lot of filipinos. Please email me how much total i am going to spend and help me of what area is best. My 2 children studying in Boston and i have a sister in Philadelphia these are the places i am familiar. Thank you very much, Cristina
  • beboy said on December 15, 2013
    hi, i would like to ask if you guys also do like a small store that can be fit in the school canteen? and i want only like 7 to 10 menu cause our place is only a very small town but 90% of people they love jollibee. i hope you guys can help me. and i live in lambunao, iloilo city.....thank you
  • zakaria hassan said on December 28, 2013
    I want open jolibee at wilayah persekutuan labuan malaysia. Can you help me how much we want spend money to open jolibee here
  • Francia belen b. Albino said on January 7, 2014
    along Mindanao avenue corner of hbc and seven Eleven. I want to know how much is the franchise of Jollibee? thanks a Lot
  • Jonel N. Angeles said on January 20, 2014
    Hi, me and my boss were thinking to franchise a jollibee in the philippines. please send me all the details, how franchise jollibee? step by step procedure, and all the documents i need to prepare. and please help us to find a location. my boss is serious regarding this matter. this is my contact no. +65 9887 1228. thank you... i need your response as early as possible.. jonel angeles..
  • SUL said on January 26, 2014
    Hi i'm from Singapore, I will like to know that i will like to open, franchises Jolibee at Cauayan but, how to process the business , in Cauayan can send me a detail
  • LCrump said on February 17, 2014
    Hello Mam and Sir, I just wanna inquire how much it will cost us if we will franchise a small jollibee outlet here in Alabama, USA. Even here in south , they don't have any jollibee food chain. Kindly tell us including all the furniture, kitchen stuffs, and paper works ...bldg. Looking for you quick response.
  • Bella said on February 20, 2014
    want to know how much the franchise in Bangkok, Thailand
  • fernando laggui aliangan said on February 20, 2014
    Can I ask u how much exactly if I want to get franchising Small jollibee in Alicia or angadanan isabela, can u please let me know how much tnx sir madam
  • Ethel Taring said on February 22, 2014
    how much is the franchising of a small jollibee in Bais City, Negros Oriental?
  • Jhun said on February 25, 2014
    Hi, I'm interested of franchising jollibee in Bangar, La Union. I want to know if the payment of franchise will include building and materials, training? and how much it cost of Franchise in mention area?
  • jeffrey guiang said on March 6, 2014
    hi sir, just want to know how much it will cost to get franchise here in novaliches area near s.m fairview.
  • jeffrey guiang said on March 6, 2014
    hi sir, i just want to know how much it will cost for the franchise here in novaliches area near s.m fairview, beside access school here in zabarte road.
  • Raquel macalinao said on March 16, 2014
    Hi sir & madam, Hi i'm interested to franchising jollibee in Angat, Bulacan or here in Alberta, Canada.. I just wanna inquire how much it cost ( including all expenses) thanks & pls let me know.
  • Mary Grace Gutierrez said on March 19, 2014
    Hi, I'm grace. I'm interested in franchising in Bucharest Romania or in Brussels Belgium. just want to ask how much cost? can u please send me the complete information about franchising Jollibee in Romania and Belgium...(if the payment of franchise include the building, trainings, food, etc..) thanx..
  • Ana May Corradini said on April 10, 2014
    Hi, can you please send me all info in franchising this business in Melbourne. Thanks!
  • May Doctora said on April 15, 2014
    Hi I would love to Franchise a Jollibee in General Santos City, which is tocated in 2nd Barrio Lgao. it is an excellent location. please let me know and give me more info. Thanks May D. Doctora
  • Stephen Phillips said on April 18, 2014
    Hello Team Jolly Bee, Please provide details with respect to Jolly Bee franchise in Philippines...Does this vary with the area. A break down of costs including all outlays - does the amount include building and all fixtures. I would value as much detail as you could provide. I look forward to your reply. Kind regards, Steve
  • Resie Tolentino said on April 26, 2014
    I'm interested in jollibee Edmonton AB much is the estimate franchise
  • Marcelino Galapon said on April 30, 2014
    I'm interested in Jollibee, my place is in the town proper of Sta.Ignacia, Tarlac City, How is the estimate franchise, can you please send me the complete information in this matter, How about leasing? Actually I'm still working abroad but i'm planning to put a business concerning fast food Restaurant. I need your response. Thank you and God Bless Marcelino Galapon
  • Hazel said on May 21, 2014
    Hi, I want to ask how and how much to have a Jollibee franchise here in Australia; please email me the info. Thanks.
  • Amelita B. Gatchallan said on May 22, 2014
    Hi, I want to know about Jollibee franchising here in Israel (tel-aviv city). What are the documents needed?
  • E. Esguerra said on May 24, 2014
    Hi, I would like to know if Jollibbee is open for franchising in The Netherlands? Thanks and more power!
  • Remigio Saul said on May 24, 2014
    Hi, Just wondering on how I could start a franchise in One of the cities in Canada. Looking forward to your response. I thank you in Advance.
  • Mary Ann Hermosura said on May 26, 2014
    Hi, could you please tell me how to get franchising here in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. Looking forward your swift response to step ahead. Thanks & more power.
  • said on June 27, 2014
    We would like to inquire regarding franchising, We our group of Nurses in Qatar who are looking for a profitable business like jollibee. May we asked how is the procedure and where are we going to start.
  • ronil pedrotes said on July 1, 2014
    I would like to inquire regarding the franchising fee if we put up a business like the jollibee here in Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte,Philippines.
  • BILL FOWLE said on July 1, 2014
    Hi my wife and I are very interested in becoming a jollie bee franchisee We are interested in CEBU maybe lapu lapu if there is a really good site with lots of passing traffic or in a new SHOPPING MALL such as the one in the south reclamation area The large shopping mall there If you can send to my email all details on site price and what the price includes we would be very grateful Kind regards, Bill and Cris FOWLE
  • Khristine Abcede said on July 6, 2014
    Dear Sir, I would like to inquire how much to franchise Jollibee in Manama, Bahrain. what would be the requirements? and how the processing would be. Waiting for your response Thank you, sincerely, Ms. Khristine Abcede
  • Srikanth Sb said on July 10, 2014
    How much it will cost for franchise . i am in INDIA .BANGALORE
  • raquel said on July 15, 2014
    Hello, I'm from cagayan de oro how much it cost to franchise Jolibbee in Laguindingan Misamis Oriental plss give me some complete details much as possible :D
  • jeff burnsed said on July 16, 2014
    Jacksonville Florida has 20 thousand Filipino persons. We own two properties, one directly across from Florida state college..we need jolibees
  • beth said on July 27, 2014
    i want to know the real cost of franchise at pampanga angeles.
  • Clarita Taniegra said on August 13, 2014
    Hi! Jollibee company, I'm from Blacktown, New South Wales ( Western Sydney) Australia. How much is the price for having franchise here.
  • Russieve B. said on August 17, 2014
    Hi! I want to know how can I get a Jollibee franchise in Edmonton Alberta Canada. please email me the info. Thanks
  • marites u armstrong said on August 28, 2014
    I would like to know how much it cost the franchise To Tumauini Isabela
  • aileen bonales said on August 28, 2014
    Hi mam and sir i want to know how much it cost the franchise to barotac nuevo iloilo city?
  • Jennifer said on August 30, 2014
    There is no Jolibee in my area. Hanford, California. There are numbers of Filipinos here.
  • shyam jangid said on August 31, 2014
    hi i want to start business in philippense as jolibee i am indian pass port holder residence in bahrain i dont know the right location where is good .so can you send me perposle how much i have to invest about this business how to get franchise can send me all information asap
  • ROSALIE DELA CRUZ said on August 31, 2014
    Good day, my son in law who is from Dubai wants to put up a Jollibee branch somewhere downtown in Dubai. Pls supply me with information regarding foreign franchising, requirements and other stuff. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.
  • Marlene Galvez said on September 1, 2014
    Hello, I am just wondering how much it will cost me to have a branch here in Fresno, California. I figured the branch here will be a success since we do not have any popular Filipino restaurant here in Central Valley. We have seen a perfect location and it is booming, close to the highway. My siblings and I are willing to join all our funds, so we can raise the money needed. Is it okay to just lease the land at first to build a Jolibee building then maybe later on buy t he land also? I am really interested and willing to undergo training. Thank you! Marlene
  • Eleanor Us said on September 4, 2014
    Toronto or Mississauga at Ontario Canada.. interested of a franchise need to know and if its possible for your supplies to get here we mostly deal with Sysco, Summit, Flanagan... and how much it will cost? need all the breakdown.. and requirements to open up a franchise.. thank you for all your time.. Cheers...
  • benjy aquino said on September 16, 2014
    please answer if how much it cost to franchise jollibee in tarlac city.
  • Joe-Ann Lu said on October 3, 2014
    hello gud noon... i am interested of franchising jollibee here in taipei taiwan because lots of filipino here want it...please let me know how much the franchise costs, requirements and all the information about it..thank u hoping for ur response
  • Mary said on October 8, 2014
    Please supply all information regarding foreign franchising jolibee (Melbourne, Australia)? Thanks
  • Mary said on October 8, 2014
    Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
  • mario said on October 9, 2014
    Hi Sir or madam, please could you send me information how much money I need to start business as your Jollibee in Philippine any city or special city Iloilo or Cebu , thanks the best regards. Mario


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