Baja Fresh Mexican Grill Franchise Info

Since its first opening in the year 1990, Baja Fresh Mexican Grill has made its name in serving Mexican foods which are not only delicious but fresh and of high quality as well.

These are served in a laid-back casual ambience since its founding year. The offerings made by Baja Fresh are specially designed for diners who have had enough of the conventional fast food, whose tastes have gone and looked for more that will satisfy their palates.

Baja Fresh serves either dinner or lunch, and you may also have the choice of either take out or dine in.

With the promise it brings, Baja Fresh is indeed a frontrunner in quality fast food alternatives and casual dining options. Approximately 40 items from its menu list are all made-to-order. Also, it also features a variety of choices for chicken breast tenders (charbroiled, boneless, skinless, or marinated). Aside from that, it also offers special, first quality salsas to go with whatever you order. However the specialty of the house consists of the widely known Bare Burrito, Baja Burrito, the sone-of-a-kind king sized Burrito Dos Manos, and Grilled Vegetarian Burrito.

Another feature of Baja Mexican Grill which makes it a favorite among non-conventional diners is its eat-all-you-can salsa bar which also comes as a self-service one. Its salsa bars are supplied with a diverse selection of fresh salsas – you can get either mild or spicy. It includes Baja Fresh’s original fire-roasted Salsa Baja. Diners can be rest assured that Baja Fresh do not use any microwaves, can openers, freezers and monosodium glutamate in preparing it and also in servings the fresh salsas.

Because of its quality servings and offerings, Baja Fresh has already been given and awarded numerous distinctions for the food that it serves and restaurants. In the study conducted by Restaurants and Institutions Consumers’ Choice in Chains, Baja Fresh was awarded with Platinum as the top Mexican chain in the United States. The parameters used by the Chains study to rate the service satisfaction included food, its ambience or atmosphere, service itself, quality, menu variety, value, cleanliness, reputation and lastly, the convenience it gives to its customers.

With its credentials, Baja Fresh has become an ideal franchise for aspiring entrepreneurs or for those who would want to venture into franchising. The prototype of a Baja Fresh restaurant usually ranges from about 1,200 to 2,000 square feet with a patio seating. Another option is the express prototype which can fit into a small 671 square feet space, usually found in food courts, air port food alleys, theme parks or at university.

Aside from the location and the space requirements, there are also certain requisites in the financial aspect. They usually require $200,000 in liquid assets per restaurant or store. The franchise fee costs around $50,000 with an ongoing royalty fee of 5% of the total revenues. As far as the franchisee aspect is concerned, Baja Fresh prefers those with experience in restaurant or those individuals with operating partner who at least have 10% restaurant experience. The term of franchise agreement expires in 10 years.


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