Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Franchise Information

If you want to have the best business opportunity in the food service industry, then Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich is the one for you. A top player in the sandwich shops category, the company started franchising in 1993 and now has grown to one of the largest chains of fresh sandwiches store in the US.

Before you start your own Jimmy John's franchise, here are several things and pointers that you need to remember.

What are the Requirements for Owning a Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shop

What are the requirements needed to start a franchise? The company often asks its first time franchisee if they have knowledge in basic business operations, which is needed to run the franchise smoothly in the first few months of operations.

Do you also have the financial capability to run a store? This is typically one of the most common questions that you will face once you submit the requirements to the company.

And lastly, can you commit 10 years for the business. This is important since the agreement term for each franchise will last for 10 years.

Qualifications Needed to Become a Jimmy John's Franchisee

How do you qualify? It is simple; all you need is a good business experience and a general knowledge in food preparations. A liquid capital of $200,000 is also needed to sign a contract with the company.

How Much Money You Need to Start a Jimmy John's Franchise

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwich Shops Franchises has one of the most affordable investment cost. One Jimmy John franchise can only cost you a total of $229,400 to $368,000 but this amount depends on the location of the store.

For the initial franchise fee, the company is charging around $20,000 to $30,000 which is relatively more affordable than other sandwich franchises in the market today.

How do you pay the company for Royalty fee? It will only cost you about six percent of your annual profit. Other fees such as renewal fee of the contract can cost you some $2,000.

Expected Profit from your Investments

Company has a fast and efficient way of doing business that is why it is the best business venture for you. With a rate of 30 seconds in making a sandwich, you can be assured that business is always flowing. And with more than 280 stores across the country, the company is now aiming higher annual returns for the coming years.

Jimmy John’s Training and Support

Jimmy John’s offers its franchisees access to its third party financing Source or the franchisee can acquire financial support through various lending sources. Other supports that the company do for the franchise includes, grand openings for an instant advertisement in the local market. Newsletters and toll-free hotlines is also a popular choice for Jimmy John’s.

How do you Market & Advertise your Franchise Business

In terms of the marketing strategy, the company often uses Ad slicks and Co-op advertising to lower the burden of ads costs of each franchise. Regional and National ads are also being employed by Jimmy John’s.


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