Opening a Firehouse Subs Franchise

Are you interested in restaurant business? Do you wish to open a franchise restaurant? Do you want to be a part of a good system that has been firing up the restaurant industry? Firehouse Subs Franchise will give you that opportunity.

With a unique franchise model composed of Franchisees and Area Representatives; you will surely appreciate the practical package of their business plan.

In 1994, Firehouse Subs was founded by brothers Robin and Chris Sorensen. The Sorensen family has public service in firefighting for more than 200 years, that’s why they chose this theme for a business. Their love for cooking and fellowship, as well as their passion for serving customers fueled its growth.

The restaurant serves hearty subs with high quality cheeses and meats. Instead of a microwave, they use a steamer to heat the cheese and meat. Steaming makes the flavors burst, and adds moisture to the ingredients. Now, the business is 14 years old and has opened over 350 restaurants located in 17 states.

Firehouse Subs Franchise Business Plan

So what does it take to have a franchise like Firehouse Subs? It all starts with high work ethic and a dedication to excellence. You must possess the drive and desire to deliver superb cleanliness, service, and quality known in every Firehouse Subs Franchise.

As a team player, you need to work hand-in-hand with fellow franchisees and Area Representatives. The goal is to make Firehouse Subs as the sub sandwich restaurant of choice in your market.

For market development, the company uses a two-tiered system of Franchisees and Area Representatives (ARs). The ARs provide on-the ground support to the Franchisees.

As such, Franchisees only need to have a good foundation in business management and they don’t need to have restaurant industry experience. On the other hand, Area Representatives need to possess multi-unit management skills with diverse background in profit center accountability, restaurant administration, marketing, construction, and real estate.

Firehouse Subs Business License

From the first inquiry to the restaurant opening, it would take you approximately 6-12 months of processing (depending on site availability and a number of other factors).

Firehouse Subs franchise estimated initial investment ranges from $221,100-$464,700. Moreover, there is 6% sales royalty and 3% advertising fee.

Definitely, you can have more than one unit. Expect to hire about 15-20 part-time and full-time employees in each unit.

To acquire a franchise, your initial application should be submitted to the AR. If you’re qualified, you will be given an FDD (Franchise Disclosure Agreement). Then, you will have an initial dialogue with the AR, attend a “Day of Discovery” (an exploration orientation), and be subjected to a background investigation.

After this, you will work for 100 hours in the training restaurant of the AR. And when the AR approved your performance, you will now be granted a franchise agreement with ongoing training and full marketing support.


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