About Great Steak & Potato Co. Franchise

This article is aimed to help people who wish to put up their own Great Steak & Potato Franchise. Today, the company is considered as one of the best restaurants in the United States and several part of the world, offering fresh made fries and steaks.

To know more about the company, read the article below and see a great new business opportunity for you and your partners.

Great Steak & Potato Co. was founded by Nicola J. Lanni in Dayton, Ohio in 1982. Since then, the company has grown into over 230 restaurants all over the world. The leading restaurant when it comes to freshness and quality of food, the company is now looking for possible business opportunity with a businessman like you.

Here are several things that you need to know if you wish to have your very own Great Steak & Potato Co. Franchise:

The starting cost for one Great Steak & Potato franchise will range from $117,000 to $423,000 depending on the location and territory involved. The franchise fee, on the other hand, will cost you some $30,000 plus a royalty fee of sixpercent of your total annual profit.

To qualify as a franchisee, you only need to have a general business experience and knowledge on how to operate in such industry.

Once you qualified as a franchisee, the term of agreement with Kahala Corp will be for ten years and is renewable for only $5,000. But the franchising fee and the total startup cost will depend on the territory and the size of the restaurant that you will put up.

The company is now aiming for expansion in places like African, Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Middle East, Mexico, Philippines, Central and South America, and Western Europe. Another thing that you need to know is that the Kahala Corp allows absentee ownership for each franchise, making it a great opportunity for you to bring a brand new fast-food experience in your region and make huge profit with Great Steak & Potato Co.

If you do not have enough money to finance a Great Steak & Potato franchise, the franchisor allows third party financing through banks and other lending institution to make your dream come true.

The company will also take care of all the newsletter, advertising and promotions, location study, and equipment you need to start the franchise business. In terms of advertising, you’ll be able to acquire ad slicks, national media exposures, and leaflet designs.

Running a franchise is also very easy; all you need is around 10 employees to help you run the business. The training will be taken care by the franchisor including the manual that you need to operate the business.


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