Become Bruster's Real Ice Cream Franchisee

Own a franchise of one of the fast growing Ice Cream store—the Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. Secure your investments in their two decade experience of running an ice cream store and be the next successful owner of the Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Store.

Looking for some REAL delicious business venture? Then, Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is just the right one. Either you are simply a business enthusiast or do have passion for ice creams, franchising success is far from impossibility for they have the right place with the right people in store for you.

With two decades (and counting) experience and over 240 store in 18 states, the Bruster’s is one of the fastest growing Ice Cream franchises and it consistently ranked among the USA’s top franchises. Their franchising success lies not only in the uniqueness of their product but also in the support they extend to every franchise stores.

What is good about franchising Bruster’s is that you won’t be having too much advertising and promotional effort since it operates under a recognized trade name. Add to that the fact that it secures your investment and gives tools to help manage labor and food cost and a total effective project management.

They are also equipped with a proven turnkey operating system and comprehensive marketing plans and tools; the Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is a trusted and recognized brand and an industry leader in terms of real ice cream. The stores, either on stand-alone or in in-line, do have up to eight serving windows so as not to keep customers waiting and avoid queuing and serve as efficient as possible.

Bruster’s Real Ice Cream is far from ice cream that has been deep-frozen. Real ice cream offered by Bruster’s is fresh everyday. They are made right inside the store with no preservatives and any additive that are sort of flavor enhancer; just fresh milk and cream undergoing the process of chilling, whipping and the mixing of fruit chunks, candies, cookies and some other ingredients—real ice cream in its truest form.

Extending its line of products, the Bruster’s does also bake its own cones and fresh ice cream cake and pies. There are also yogurt and sherbet in the menu. They also maintain the tradition of matching the fruits and flavors to be used as to what are fresh in season.

But making fresh real ice cream is not the only thing that attracts customers in the Bruster’s. There are also different promotional activities in store everyday. Like the Monday Madness where customers can buy a quart for only the cost of a pint during Mondays, of course, and many other gimmicks. What is for sure is that from Monday to Sunday, customers will surely enjoy different offering at their advantage. Add to that the concepts of including thru, in-line and co-branded stores; always making it a point to indulge customers and their loyalty.

These only prove that the two decades of taking care of the Bruster’s Real Ice Cream’s reputation takes a lot of hard work—and you can be sure that hard work will manifest in the franchise of your own. The total investment for this one is amounting to $167,000-$1,200,000 and for the initial franchise fee, you need $32,000.


  • ELINAH MMEREKI said on October 27, 2014
    are you able to train my staff in Botswana if I open the real ice cream business in Botswana?
  • ELINAH MMEREKI said on October 27, 2014
    I have not opened the business yet but would like to franchise. will you be able to my staff if I open the business in Botswana? where do I buy the machinery?


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