Culver Franchise Opportunity

Culver's franchising opportunity can benefit its franchisees with its founded name and reputation that could ultimately gather you more customers in every place across the country.

Culver's is the known to be the best burger chain nationwide. It is owned and operated by Craig Culver.

He got into this business as he was inspired by his parents’ restaurant venture. He has seen how his parents loved and managed their well-known A&W restaurant for more than several decades already. And when he believed that he also has the skill and talent to establish his own restaurant, he thought of having Culver’s Frozen Custard in 1984.

Culver added the touch of Wisconsin taste in their menu. He allowed the customers be enamored by the great tasting ButterBurger of his restaurant which was adopted from his mother’s traditional hamburgers. It is cooked by putting butter on top of the hamburger buns before putting it on the grill. The creamy and tasty ButterBurger is now known to be the best part of the menu in Culver’s restaurant. Customers are always coming back for their freshly cooked ButterBurgers. Nothing could beat their Culver’s custard on the crown of the burger buns. Their custard is made of fresh and delicious ingredients perfectly mixed together to create such a heavenly tasteful food.

Culver’s also included a drive-through in his restaurant which attracts more busy customers to grab the best burgers in town. Customers are very satisfied with the fast and clean service of Culver’s restaurant. And they are always sure that all of their foods are made as they order.

If you want to be a part of this customer friendly burger restaurant, then you must read on for the important qualifications and requirements for you to be a Culver’s franchisee.

You must be ready to invest a total amount of $1,600,000 to $3,200,000 for a good start. Upon your agreement with the company, you must be able to pay $55,000 for the franchising fee. You must be ready to remit to the company 4% of your total sales as their on-going royalty fee. The contract is valid for 5 years, and may be renewed upon expiry.

With a net worth of $500,000, and liquefied cash amounting to $200,000, you are a suitable Culver’s franchisee. If you feel like you are getting the hand of this business, and you believe it would benefit you to expand more, then you are welcome to acquire more franchising unit. Culver’s is allowing its franchisees to have more than one franchising unit. Actually, 30 percent of their franchisees own more than one franchising unit. You will need 40 to 50 employees to operate your business smoothly. But you are not allowed to go for absentee ownership. This means you must be hands-on in managing your business so that you will be able to gauge the growth and needs for improvement of your business.

You are not required to have an experience in food services industry. The company will train you appropriately to prepare you for your business. Your training will be held at their headquarters for 16 weeks. The company will give you their utmost support continuously from the moment you applied to the company. They would even help you promote your business at all means possible.


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