Salad Creations Franchise Opportunity

Salad Creations is a health-oriented restaurant that serves its customers with fresh ingredients. They are accepting franchisees who are financially stable, in order to start up this business efficiently.

Salad Creations is popularly known for serving fresh and fabulous salads. This salad business is established to meet the needs of health conscious individuals. They provide not only healthy foods, but also delicious foods.

Inside their restaurant, there is a wide range of salad ingredients choices aligned in front of the customer’s line. All of their products are freshly served for all of its customers daily. And you would notice it by the crispiness and color of the greens. You will also be sure that all of their utensils and facilities are maintained to be clean and sanitary. The customers are given the chance to create their own salad recipe depending on their own taste and preferences. But they will be guided by the expert chefs and salad experts of the restaurant in deciding which among the choices are the great testing combinations. Also, this is a new way of having a fast food system. In Salad Creations, your orders are served as you order. You do not have to lineup for a long time like in other restaurants. Here, they value your time as you enter their location. And so they will not make you wait hungry for so long.

This business is perfect for health conscious people. The main purpose of Salad Creations is to serve the people with healthier food options. They also want to help the people to break away from the tempting high in carbohydrates foods in regular fast food restaurants. If you feel like you will succeed in this business, you may try looking into Salad Creations’ franchise opportunity. It is actually very easy to become a franchisee of Salad Creations by just following all of the suggested steps required by the company.

The first thing you must look into is your financial capability. Entering a business would mean that you must also have an input of money in order to make the operations work smoothly. Thus you must have enough investment to put into this business. You must at least have $200,000 and a maximum of $225,000 for your total investment cost.

Your investment will be broken down into several parts. Each part is indicated in your signed contract with the company. These parts are treated as your commitment and responsibility that you must comply on the set date. Among those responsibilities is the franchising fee. The franchising fee will be collected form you upon signing a contract with them. A franchising fee is for temporarily renting or buying the company’s name and reputation to earn profits. In Salad Creations, you must pay them $25,000 for the franchising fee. Next, you must also compute for the 6% of your total sales regularly. That is because you will be paying that amount to the company as the on-going royalty fee. And on-going royalty fee is the one you must pay periodically to the company as a part of their share in your profits since you are using their name, reputation, training, and support that made you earn those profits from your business. Your contract with Salad Creations is valid up to 15 years. If it expires, you may have it renewed for another two five years.

As a franchisee, there is no required experience in the same field. But you will be trained by the company expert to gain the several necessary skills before you can fully start on with your business. But there will be times that you will still be trained as your go about a day or so of operating your business. That is done to ensure that you are really getting the hand of it.


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