Starting Your Own Pasta Restaurant

Are you pondering on opening your very own pasta restaurant? You are in for one of the most lucrative ventures in the whole of the United States. According to the National Restaurant Association, the projected sales for 2009 will reach $566.0 billion, of which, $377.9 billion is for eating places

Are you excited? If so, read further to learn about the basics of starting a pasta restaurant.

Starting Right

While the pasta restaurant industry is increasingly profitable, entrepreneurs need not be very optimistic or too hesitant. Enough preparations in starting the business will propel aspiring restaurateurs to success.

If you're actively searching for opportunities to run a pasta restaurant, you have three options. First, you may open up your own from scratch – using the family recipes, your personal choice of branding, restaurant design, etc. You may also opt to renovate or take over existing restaurant locations through buyout. Third, you may seek out a suitable location and enter into a franchise business.

Situating the Business

As per NRA data, there are around 945,000 restaurants nationwide. But don't despair. The U.S. is such a huge country for you not to find a perfect location. It's best to carefully select a place where there is ample number of potential customers – near residences, offices, schools, and other establishments. The ideal and most feasible proximity for nearest restaurant competition should be at least 3 miles.

Start-Up Costs

If you intend to start from square one, you're in for some taxing but fulfilling job. Acquiring and renovating an existing business location may prove cheaper. If you try to search on-line for pasta restaurants for sale, you should find one at around $100,000. Should you buy a franchise, you may have to spend at least $300,000. The potential earning of a small pasta restaurant with 1,200 square feet size should not be less than $250,000 annually. Monthly lease for this space size is from $3,000-$4,000.

Service and Food

A pasta restaurant is often open for the public every single day, from early morning until late in the evening. But you may choose your schedule depending on the flow of customers. What is essential is ensuring that you provide your customers with dependable, timely, and consistent service and food quality. Remember that a restaurant is largely about people and service.

A pasta restaurant doesn't have to serve purely pasta dishes. It may expand into side dishes and compliments. It's safe to start with Italian dishes then incorporate other cuisine. It's wise to gather ideas from your crew and customers to help improve your business. Hire a good pasta cook capable of serving mouth-watering appetizers, salads, pastas, sandwiches, as well as pizzas and calzones. You may also try to sell some gourmet pasta ingredients, although that's not the main function of your business.

Some Things to Note

One of the important keys to quality food and service is having a fine location, a lovely ambiance, big and well-equipped kitchen, professional cook, cheerful and helpful crew, and reasonable prices. To increase sales, offer delivery.


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