Starting Building Pest Control Services

Pests bring diseases and destroy properties. That is why commercial establishments employ pest control services to keep infestations away. If there is a demand for such service in your place, you can start a business exterminating destructive insects from buildings.

Find out the basics of starting a pest control service business from our guide.

People are averse to pests because of the nuisance they bring. They crawl on dirty surfaces, feed on rotten food, carrying with them bacteria that could cause diseases and potentially cause the death of people. What more, they could destroy properties – rats could eat stacks of important papers, supplies and electrical wiring; they could deposit urine and fecal matters that could leave a mess or worse, destroy electronics; ants could eat tiny computer parts; and termites could destroy a building. That is why a demand for pest control service has come into existence.

While traps and chemicals that can be bought from the supermarket may solve domestic pest problems, large commercial buildings – because of their scale -- need the equipment and expertise of a pest control company. That demand could exist in your area or, if it already exists, there might be a lack of providers for such service. If either one is true, pest control service is a business idea you can start. One of the most convenient aspects of a pest control service is it doesn’t have to be operated in an upfront office. It can even be operated from home or a mobile van. The only important thing is you have a number for people to call when they need your services.

Pest Control Licenses

One of the most important aspects of a pest control service is the fulfillment of licenses that may be required by the state regulator, in addition to the usual licenses required for all businesses. Pest control involves the use of chemical, the cleanup and disposal of rodents, cockroaches, and terminates, and other animals and insects, and so heavy regulation is imposed on providers of such services. Training is necessary and an exam would have to be passed in order for a pest control technician to get a license. It could also be that, before you will be allowed to operate, you would have to get liability insurance for the business, particularly for the risk involved in handling chemicals. The storage of chemicals needed for the cleanup might have to conform to some standards. Visit to for resources on pest control license.

Basics of Pest Control Service

One can operate a startup pest control service or he can get a franchise. He could specialize in exterminating or preventing a specific type of pest infestation, or solve every type of pest control problem. Central for this are the equipment and cleaning supplies one would need to carry out the service. This could include the basic cleaning equipment, sprayers and pump guns, and usually, a vehicle to carry the equipment and trash to be disposed. One could buy all of these or consider leasing. For the chemicals and equipment, the operator must have a system to order, maintain and control stock.


  • Mark Ullock said on June 10, 2009
    I'm going to start a small pest control business part time in the Boston south shore area. I'm licensed and have the training from years ago. I'm looking for a pricing structure to see what others are charging so I can be fair and competitive. Any help on this issue? I don't need a whole how to book but will happily pay for this information. Thank you mark
  • A.C Tropeano and sons pest solutions said on August 4, 2009
    I don't have much to add besides i've found customer don't like to be locked into a contract like the BIG WIGS make them. i offer a guarantee on my service for the calendar year i've found that this works and saves you those monthly accounts.
  • jim said on September 30, 2009
    i'm looking at starting a pest control business in Orange County, California and was wondering do I need to work under an Licensed Operator to start the business or can I get the license and start myself?
  • Julio Vazquez said on December 9, 2009
    Dear friends: Hello to every one! My name is Julio and I graduated about one year ago to perform Pest Control Services: commercial, industries and residential. After I graduated I spend lot of money on advertisement and I have tried very hard but there most be something I am doing wrong or is due to the bad economy right now in Puerto Rico. Please, write me at my E-mail: and let me know if are able to help my company. I wish you a Marry Christmas and a happy New Year! I live at this address: Mr. Julio Vazquez, Urb. Reina de los Angeles, C-10 Calle 7, Gurabo, Puerto Rico 00778. My phone is:(787) 586-0398 Please let me know. Thank you very much.
  • K.M.Sivakumar said on December 27, 2009
    Presently I am working as Area Facilities Manager in Dubai in Al Sahel LLC..... send me details to proceed further in india or Dubai
  • ross lahana said on February 7, 2010
    What other pest control opportunities are there? i'm interested in getting into offshore pest control if possible, i have all my offshore qualifications, safety management level 3, as well as up to date medicals.
  • Kelly clean said on September 7, 2010
    I started a pest control business recently in my country,but the main constrain now is all the companies especially the hotels want me to provide msds. Please could you refer me to a company that could help with a brief tutorial on how to fumigate a hotel and the chemical needed for effective result.
  • Pallab said on August 8, 2011
    Hello i am from new delhi, India. i want to start a pest control business in assam. I need to know what is the procedure to get a license from govt.?
  • Dinesh Kumar Singh said on February 28, 2012
    Hello I am from Lucknow,India.I am Bachelor of arts.I want to start a pest control business in Uttar Pradesh. I need to know I am eligible or not & what is the procedure to get license from gov? Reply soon
  • vinayaraj said on May 14, 2012
    i want to start a pest control business in calicut kerala. i need to know the procedure or obtaining license from govt
  • B.Krishna Kumar said on October 4, 2012
    I need to start pest control Business. so I need to License. what is the procedure of obtaining the License
  • sushil kumar said on October 19, 2012
    i want to start a pest control business in punjab. i need to know the procedure for license
  • Aseem Sharma said on November 25, 2012
    Hello I am from Meerut, UP, India. I am Bachelor of arts. I want to start a pest control business and retail outlet for domestic pesticides in Uttar Pradesh. I need to know, if I am eligible or not & what is the procedure to get license from gov? Reply soon. thanks & regards
  • aneesh said on November 26, 2012
    i just want to start a pest control company in cochin, kerala. What are the procedures to start my company.??
  • Seni said on March 21, 2013
    Hello i am from Nigeria and i would like to know the procedures used in providing pest control for hotels. Because i know its a big challenge to carry out pest control when guests are occupying the rooms.
  • Nazeer said on May 29, 2013
    Hello, I am from India and I would like to know the procedures on obtaining a license and to start a Pest Control Business in Kochi - Kerala India. Many thanks,Nazeer.
  • ejaz ahmad said on July 24, 2013
    I want to start pest control business in Delhi/NCR. Kindly help me with licensing process.
  • DHARMENDRA ACHARYA said on July 24, 2013
    Dear Sir, I have a facility organisation in Orissa registered under labour dept. Now we are interested to give pest control service. Pls guide me what are the formalities and is there any licenses required for starting this business. DHARMENDRA ACHARYA, BHUBANESWAR ORISSA
  • parbhas said on January 2, 2014
    i am parbhas yadav from gurgaon, i want to start pest control business, pls guide me what is the procedures?
  • Unnikrishnan K B said on January 7, 2014
    I wanted to start termite control business in kerala. what procedure i wanted to follow
  • jatin said on January 22, 2014
    i want to start a pest control business in bathinda punjab i am bachelor in computer application . i want to know i am eligible or not & wht is the procedure of got license n how many fund required to start . plz give me information
  • shekar said on March 6, 2014
    Hi am shekar am a anemploy ,just I want to be start the own business ,so kindly send the details of pest controls business..
  • santanu said on September 10, 2014
    i want to start my pest control company. please provide details in Kolkata.
  • balkar singh gill said on September 13, 2014
    I start a pest control service company in Punjab, chandigarh. plz guide me for license documents and other formalities for this business.
  • R.Venkitaraman said on September 16, 2014
    I would like to start pest control company in Palakkad distict (Kerala state)at Kananbara Village. I have taken a shop in village. but Agri dept insisting to collect license from Village office first. Village office insisting collect license from Agri office. guide me what I should do?
  • rajanikant Devalkar said on September 30, 2014
    I am an Engineer, i want to start pest control business at nashik ,Maharashtra, India. kindly guide me for the same... Thanking you
  • Keshav Jha said on October 2, 2014
    Hi, My self Keshav Jha from UP and now want to setup own business in Pest Management sector in Residential and as well as Commercial sectors. So please can you help me from very beginning stage. I'm PG with Agriculture and got training from GIMRI-Hapur. Kindly suggest me what we do My contact details is below. Email: Cont: 09782535777
  • shabir said on December 16, 2014
    Hi, I have started pest control services in India, Karnataka, Bangalore and now i wanted to get License for the same, so kindly send me the details and procedures to get the license. Thanks & Regards, Shabir Ahmed
  • Ram said on December 19, 2014
    For Pest Control Business what documents/ licenses are required and from which departments? Any qualification required?
  • jai banerjee said on January 6, 2015
    Hi, i am from india and ,i want to start a pest control business . Please help me regarding the procedure for license and other formalities. please help me out and reply soon.thanks Ph-8653153851
  • kamal kr Mishra said on February 9, 2015
    I am based in Kolkata, West Bengal. I wish to start a pest control service business in Kolkata. Kindly let me know the licenses, educational and technical qualification required to start a pest control service business in kolkata
  • Kameshwar Mishra said on April 17, 2015
    I am based in rudrapur uttarakhand, want to startup business in service of fumigation and pesticide kindly let me know licenses educational, qualifications required
  • Kishore kumar said on July 25, 2015
    Dear sir, I am from odisa ( a coastal part of India). I want to start a small business of pest control in my state. how much I have to invest and how to get the license.
  • sahib said on August 16, 2015
    I am sahib singh I started a pest control business in india i need license in pest control business pls ask any one for license & eligibility for pest control services
  • Balvindra Singh said on September 20, 2015
    I want to start a pest control service company in Uttar Pradesh,Noida. plz guide me for license documents and other formalities for this business.
  • Kuldip said on September 26, 2015
    i want to start pest control business can anybody help me. 9988769-664
  • SANJEEV said on November 9, 2015
    Dear Sir, I want to start the pest control business in India at Ghaziabad. Please help and provide the relevant Information in this respect. Reagards Sanjeev Srivastava Mob:9811847683
  • Prasanta Dangoria said on November 20, 2015
    Guwahati, Assam, India. rise of awareness and need of pest control has increased over the time. i want to start this business to make money in my city. can you help me?
  • sabu said on February 1, 2016
    what are the procedure for starting a pest management company in kerala, List the name of license which i need to start the said business? could u plz help me?
  • Munishwar Dutt said on February 24, 2016
    Dear Sir,My self Munish from Lucknow and want to set up pest control services business.I want your guidance and help regarding getting licence and other legal requirements please. Regards! Munish Tewari 7696560296
  • kusum choudhary said on March 6, 2016
    Hello i am kusum choudhary from madhya pradesh and i want to set up my business of pest control in delhi please tell me the legal formalities needed to get the license.
  • b g vaghela said on April 28, 2016
    Sir, I want to start pest control services in Gujarat baroda I have work experience pesticides industry so please guide me
  • brajendra kumar said on October 7, 2016
    Sir, i want to start pest control services in lucknow. i have experience in pest control so pls help me.
  • Ashish Rawat said on November 6, 2016
    I am from Uttarakhand, India. I am from arts background and want to start pest control business, am I eligible for it, if so kindly guide me how to start. Thanks
  • Altaf said on January 28, 2018
    I am planning to start facility management services in Bangalore region, and we do require pest control services, kindly advise where and how to obtain the pest control license in Karnataka, Bangalore. Thank you,
  • srinivas said on June 21, 2018
    Hi Sir, I wanted to start pest control services can you please guide me which type of licenses are required and other formalities required in starting the business.


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