Why Companies Should Have Open Business Models

An open business model usually includes information on how a business functions.

How the business is being set in the market. Provide the consumers how the business earns money.

Having an open business model will enable owners to strengthen their market value, developed their presence with the consumers, and help minimize causes of bankruptcy such as unsatisfied customers, insufficient funds, and market position problems.

By having open business models you are placing your business in a strategic position in the market. It helps you perform better than the others. As we all know whatever business you will be setting up, more likely you will be selling either a product or a service.

Using an Open Business Model

We need to remember that by doing an open business model we are also giving information to other companies on how our business goes and how our products/ services are being manufactured and other strategic information.

We need to know if the open business model is in accordance with your business statement.

We need to have connections with other outsource providers, such as retailers who can be your business associate.

You need to allow other companies to have access to your business profile. You may think that this is a risk but this will help you be more developed and provide you better opportunities, this will help you have greater sales, especially if you are placed on the world wide web

Since you are allowing others to view your profile and may encourage more sales, make sure that you are able to provide all the requirements of your customers to provide good service.

How to Maintain Your Open Business Model

Each time you start a new business or enhance an existing business, you need to keep in mind that you have to maintain developing your open business model as there are so many competitions in the market today.

  • Knowing your customer is an important factor you need to consider. You have to identify the right product or service you will provide them.
  • Calculating your expenses is also important. Each penny you spend for equipment, deliveries, staffing, advertisements, and all other expenditure needs to be considered and you need to have sufficient funds to continue your operation.
  • It would help if you can list areas of how your company is better than the others. You may consider listing your way of delivery, location, prices, and your staff. This will help customers identify your difference from the other competitors.
  • Lastly, consider where your marketplace is. Make sure that you place your business in a strategic location. Make some feasibility study of the location, to ensure a higher chance of profit.

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    Ashfak shaikh, i want to start a business in m.p with low investment i have no experience of business. can you please advice me the business with low investment good return and safe. thanks.


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