Business Letter Rules

There are certain business letter rules that you should follow in order to come up with a letter that is effective in its sense.

Once achieved, you can easily communicate to whom you will send that particular business letter to.

Business letter rules is different from the typical rules that are being observed in an ordinary letter. Since this is for the purpose of corporate sense, it should be more formal than the ordinary one.

Know Your Purpose and Start Writing the First Parts

In order for you to develop an effective letter, you must first determine your personal purpose as well as your intention. This is very much important before you start writing because there are available types of letters for business. Examples of these types are business proposals, inquiry letter, and many more.

The next rule that you should observe is to write down the date where you started writing the letter. It should be placed in the left side upper corner of the paper. Dates of the letters are useful because they serve as the bases when the recipient will reply to the mail. Right after you have written the date, you may already write the name of the receiver below it. Make sure that you put the job designation of the person, company name and address.


The second rule that you should follow is creating the appropriate salutation. The word choice is very much important here. There are phrases used in salutation part that are not conveying professional message to the receiver. You are free to choose the salutation provided that it depicts professionalism.

When it comes to the letter formality, you must also write the proper address for that individual with the aid of using Mr. or Ms. On the other hand if you do not know its name, you may just use Ma'am or Sir in the salutation.

The Body

The next rule is concerning about the body of the letter. Here, you must make the body of the letter easily understandable to the one who will read it. In a business letter, the first sentence is not indented. This is not similar to those friendly letters in which the first paragraph is indented.

Since you have determined your purpose why you are writing the letter, make sure that it was clearly stated in the body. The primary reason must be clearly stated in the first sentences of the body. In order to add some sort of formality, you may have it double spaced. In addition, you must also choose the appropriate font styles that are easily readable.


Last but not the least is the proper way of closing the letter. Choose proper closing phrases that convey formality. Do not use those that are utilized in friendly letters. Put your name under the closing and provide space for your signature. You may include to your closing your job description. After that, it is advised to review the letter that you have written in order to polish some of the flaws.


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