How to Apply for Import License

Import license is a tool in order to bring commodities outside the vicinity of some areas. This is very much important in terms of the operation of the business establishments.

If you find it hard to obtain one, this article will teach you how to apply for import license.

According to the Customs and Boarder Protection of the United States, there are certain steps that you should follow on how to apply import license. According to US customs service an importer doesn't need a license but it depends with the amount and product like if you are importing nuclear materials then follow these instruction. These steps are very vital to follow in order to successfully get what you need.

Basic Step for the Application

The first thing that you should do is to determine how much you will import and what certain products you are offering. Determining this will let you know if you are required to obtain import license or you just need some authorization. The vitality of this will take effect in respect of the regulations of the federal state.

Specifically, once you import commodities like dairy products, the Food and Drugs Administration will require you to have a license. On the other hand, petroleum products will just need some sort of authorization. Then right after you have learned that information, it will already be the time for you to obtain a record of an import number.

Just in case you are already operating, all you need is a tax number. Bonds are also encouraged by the government because it will serve as your business insurance.

Brokerage Service

After that, you may already connect to the possible institution that gives brokerage services or specifically a customs broker. These professionals will give you some pertinent help in order for you to track the right direction of the process. He is someone who has the basic ideas in the why’s and how's of getting an import license. But hiring such professional will cause you additional expense because of his service fee.

Portal of Entry

The next thing that you should do is to have with you the possible portals of entry. According to the online sources, there are a total of three hundred ports in the United States. Basically, these are the ports where taxes are levied and items are being checked.

In addition to that, the tariffs that will be charged to you are determined by the location where you are present. It would be better if you entered to those places that deduct small amount of taxes than those that impose high tax rates.

Other Important Prerequisites

There are instance that a specific place will require you to furnish additional requirements. In order to determine such things, you may inquire directly to the right agency from the place where you will receive imports.

Find out what their existing rules and regulations are in terms of importing. Furthermore, you must also determine that specific area or place that belongs to the list of the United States that offer good trade.


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