How to Build a Coffee Cart

When you plan to run a coffee cart business, one of the main concerns is how to build a coffee cart which is fitting for the requirements of your business.

Building a coffee cart is advisable if you want to save on your startup budget and you want to use your own choice of design for your mobile coffee cart.

Building a Coffee Cart for your Mobile Coffee Business

According to several coffee sites, the normal startup cost for a coffee cart business is around $20,000.00 up to $25,000.00 which includes the types of equipment needed, processing of permits, supplying your business with goods and other supplies, and the most important is the coffee cart. However, you can still streamline this cost if you will decide to build the coffee cart rather than buying it as a whole package from coffee cart manufacturer.

Many starters in the coffee cart business consider the option of franchising since the popularity of an existing business is a big advantage to draw the attention of the coffee consumers, but the startup cost can be higher as the franchisor is collecting high franchising fee for the legitimate use of the business’ franchise. But the good thing here is that the franchisor often provides some of the business needs especially the coffee cart and the equipments plus assistance in choosing for a good location which is more visible to consumers with high traffic counts.

Nevertheless, standing through your own coffee business ideas is really a big challenge and building your desired coffee cart is your primary goal. Let us give you some good pointers on how to build a preferable coffee cart for you mobile coffee business.

Things to Consider on How to Build a Coffee Cart

Instead of acquiring a coffee cart from a manufacturer, you can build one for your business based on your preferred design. There are several cart suppliers that also offer do-it-your-own coffee cart or kiosks and what you need to do is to follow the instructions as stated on the package. The following are the common things to consider in building your own coffee cart:

  • Choosing the cart’s base unit size, style, and materials. Based on your budget, choosing the right size of the coffee cart is very important as you need to visualize on how big the cart or kiosk should be to accommodate the equipments and other tools of your mobile business (Examples are 10 ft. by 10 ft., or 20 ft. by 10 ft.). The most typical style is four sides while for the construction material it can be wood or stainless steel.
  • Selection of the type of awning or sunshade. Mobile carts are exposed to the heat of the sun; therefore to protect your customers as well as you and your staff you must apply a good sunshade for this purpose.
  • Lighting of the coffee cart. Lighting is also important in a coffee cart and the most common types are fluorescent, track lighting, or low voltage type.
  • Place a signage. Placing a signage on your coffee cart is a simple means of advertising your business. Make it visible enough to be read by your customers.

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