Title for Small Business Owner

Do you own a small business and you’re thinking of a good title for small business owners like you?

Here are some lists of the possible titles that you can address with yourself on how your employees will call you and what title you can indicate in your business cards particularly when dealing with your clients and potential customers.

Is a Title Necessary?

This is a very big question for every small business owners particularly if he owns the business solely without a partner. Choosing a title for you will define of your position in your small business and can be a good way of addressing yourself on how your customers and clients will call you once they’re doing business with your small company. For some people they might think this as a sort of funny idea, but for some owners it has a great significance for somehow.

When you are doing business with your clients, are they asking you about your title? Labeling yourself with a title can provide formality for your position as the owner of the small company. For example, if you indicated in your business card that you are the “CEO” or “President”, they might think that you’re company belongs in a large corporation. But if you say you are the “Manager” or the “Founder”, this is more formal and they will initially think you are really the owner of the small business. Actually there is no general rule on what title you can label yourself when owning a small business venture, except if you’re business belongs in an LLC, partnership, and Corporation. In bigger businesses and corporations, it is appropriate to use titles as it connotes the position and function of the person in the company. For instance, Chairman and Director are different positions and have different functions for the company, so you these titles should be used accordingly.

Examples of Small Business Owner Titles

When giving titles to address yourself in your small business, you must be logical in a sense that your clients and customers can easily identify your duties and position in the company. Basically, as the sole owner of your business, it is barely understandable that you do the managing business as well as other tasks like paying the taxes and other accounting duties. Don’t be ashamed to label yourself as the “Manager” or just simply the “Owner” since this is how you operate your business. For ladies they can call themselves as “Proprietress”, sometimes “Entrepreneur” is also used to title a lady owner.

If you’re conducting a small business online like as a SEO (Search Engine Optimizer), you can use the word “Freelancer” as a title for that kind of small business. There are titles like “Self-Employed” or “Independent Business” which is acceptable and clearly indicates that you’re the sole owner. Today, the use of abbreviations is also common such as WAHM which means work at home moms as a sort of home-based business.


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