How Many Kids can You Babysit without a License?

Do you know how many kids you can babysit without a license? Knowing the number of kids you can babysit even without permission is very important so you can legally perform your profession following the state's existing rules; given this, here are some insights about the babysitting job.

Babysitting is challenging and, at the same time, is a worthy profession if you have a great knack for taking care of small kids.

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Knowing the Number of Kids, You Can Babysit without a License

This job requires ample patience since you will be dealing with small kids under six years, and most are toddlers. Moms busy with office work and have no time to take care of their young kids are the typical clients of a babysitter. However, every state has its laws regarding daycare centers and the number of kids allowed for every babysitter to handle one at a time, especially if you still have no license. You can have six children anytime, varying from state to state. You need a permit if you have more than one unrelated family. Let's tackle first some of the essential aspects of babysitting.

Watching and caring for young children is the heavy task of a babysitter. Thus, they must ensure the kids' safety while at their side. Before you accept babysitting chores, you must acquire a safe place for the kids to freely and safely play while away from their moms and homes.

Most babysitters want to watch and nurse the kids in their daycare and get paid on how many hours the young ones stayed with them or may rate daily instead. If you haven't yet acquired a license, the number of children may be limited to not more than three at a time; exceeding this number can cause trouble with the state authorities. Ask your local Department of Social Welfare about how many children you can babysit without a license for your safety.

Things to Consider when Babysitting without a License

Although without a license, it is not illegal to babysit kids if you limit yourself to the number assigned by the local state law. For example, if the state only allows two children aged two years and below, follow the law strictly, or it might affect your application to acquire a license someday. You can also obtain this information on the state or city's website and read carefully the instructions and guidelines for babysitting.

There are two ways to babysit. Whether at their own home or let them stay in your daycare center. If you have a daycare, ensure the place is safe for the children and comfortable to play with. Learn also some basic babysitter skills such as choking prevention measures and childproofing.

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  • Anomoins said on April 12, 2013
    Yea was wondering what the state of Pennsylvania deals with babysitting with no license, and how to deal with a situation thanks
  • gitty said on July 17, 2013
    i was wondering how many kids am i legally allowed to babysit in my home in Lakewood New Jersey
  • Annette Beery said on August 8, 2014
    How many kids can I babysit in my Michigan home w/o a license?
  • maria catasus said on August 13, 2014
    I live in 16589 Randall ave #9 Front unit next to randall pepper school acroos from me there are two houses, corner of Pepper and Randall, you can clearly see the female neighbor babysitting 3 infants 1 her daughters plus several small kids. Both houses neither one of them have a license..They are also running other types of sales they sale Taco plates/ tamales using the Randall street since is very busy, plus lots of customers from the school. Martha, Faviola are very well known in the neighborhood, there is always a lot of traffic coming from those two houses. What really concerns me is that Marthas house is very small, I have seen 1 of the older kids riding on the sidewalk without supervision an scooter... I am sure this is not legal right
  • Maureen Gavin said on September 30, 2014
    How many children can I babysit in my house(apt) the are 2 yrs old or older I live in Lancaster PA {with out a license} Thank -you. Maureen
  • María Pérez said on November 4, 2014
    I have a neighbor that takes ca 7 kids it is right to do that without license in the state of Pensacola fl???
  • Rebecca Martin said on December 9, 2014
    I just lost my job I nee to know how many kids can I babysit in my Mckinney Tx home w/o license
  • Brittany White said on December 16, 2014
    How many children can you babysit in Louisville,KY before your considered a daycare
  • John Francis said on March 12, 2015
    My name is John Francis from Bangalore India wish to plan for a baby sitting/child care home for working citizens. Need your guidance and norms for a child care
  • John Francis said on March 12, 2015
    wish to know the norms for a child care
  • Cece said on December 30, 2015
    How many kids can I babysit without a license in the state of Florida
  • Patricia said on April 7, 2016
    I babysit two siblings, one is 3 i have him from 7to 330 and his sister is 4 i watch her from 230 to 330. Im a stay at home mom. Am i breaking the law in oklahoma?
  • Marie Earhart said on May 6, 2016
    My daughter is expecting and I'm thinking of babysitting her and 2 more. Plus having 3 pickup after school care. Do I need a license
  • James expert adviser said on May 10, 2016
    @Marie Earhart, by law you should get a license but many in this world do this with kids counting 5-10 with no license also. If you are doing it for helping your daughter and others without taking money than you don't need a license.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • carrie said on May 20, 2016
    Hi, carrier here I have my 3 year old baby girl and two others that comes to my house for care. 6 am - 4pm that comes to my house small pay a week for I need license
  • Augusta Ellis said on May 25, 2016
    How many children can I babysit in the state of Illinois with the child care department with out a license.
  • Carrington payne said on June 30, 2016
    Babysitting at the max of 6 with my friend so its going to be two of us..... We both are 13... We live in Home wood Illinois the state is the United States...... Do we have to have a license?
  • James expert adviser said on July 11, 2016
    @Carrington payne, if you can answer this then you will get your answer. Will you make money by babysitting? If you make money then officially it is considered as business and you need to go through all the requirements but you can always do it free for your near and dears which will be considered not a business.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • Kelsey Husler said on July 27, 2016
    From moorhead minnesota, us. How many kids can I nanny at once without a license.
  • Marjorie Murphy said on August 1, 2016
    I want to babysit 3 pre-school-age children, in my home, but, I need to know if I'll need a LICENSE TO DO THAT IN THE STATE OF ALABAMA??
  • april said on August 2, 2016
    How many kids am i allowed to baby sit in the state of tn.
  • Brandy said on August 19, 2016
    I am in Illinois and in the process of beginning to get my daycare license. My question is that,if I am caring for 6 children(1 child is my own and the other 5 are not) for NO CHARGE then can I get in trouble for not having my license yet? Is there any kind of temporary license or can I have the parents of the children I care for sign some sort of waiver stating they approve their children coming to me while going through the process of getting licensed? Thank you
  • James expert adviser said on August 24, 2016
    @Brandy, there are couple of ways to skip the regulation but any day you are babysitting for 3 or less(including yours) doesn't need a license. You can do these to skip the regulation but this is not official, this means you can be penalized for doing this.
    1. Make sure you babysit for less than 4 hours.
    2. Make an agreement with parents for mutual help not for business.
    3. You can add a clause in the agreement that you are doing this for shorter duration like 2-4 months and on needed redo the agreement before it expires.
    4. Don't babysit more than 8.
    5. More babysit FAQs for Illinois is here.

    Jestin James
    Startup Biz Hub - Senior Advisor (Staff)

  • Amanda Barnard said on November 2, 2016
    How many Children can I babysit in my home in waycross ga.
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    How many children can I babysit in my home w/o license Thank you it from Los Angeles California,
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    I live in Dacula Georgia how many kids can I keep without a license
  • Joyce said on June 6, 2017
    How many children can I watch in my home in Marietta ga without a license or certification.
  • Crystal Carter said on June 6, 2017
    How do people answer to the questions asked?
    I live in GA and need to know how many children I can baby sit in my home? Now I baby sit my niece and two nephews, than my daughter is here. What's the amount I can watch wo a LC's. Also how do u go about getting a LC's and what's cost, for Georgia?
  • Nichole said on August 16, 2017
    How many children can be babysat at one time by an unlicensed individual in Tillamook, Oregon? 2 are my own, how many more can I provide care for?
  • Luisa said on November 13, 2017
    Hi i want to know how many kids can i babysit at my house without a license i live in ny dutchess county
  • deena mcnaughton said on January 31, 2018
    I babysit 2 children in my home 1 is a relative. I would like to help my friend by taking care of her 2 children also. is this legal with out a license
  • gig tiberio said on August 2, 2018
    In MA how many children can I babysit for in my home?
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    I live in Tennessee how many children can I babysit in my home without a license
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    Hello! How many kids I can babysit at one time without a license in my home? This is in Las Vegas Nevada. Please respond, thanks!
  • judy said on May 13, 2020
    how many kids can I babysit for in my home in ky? wo a lic
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    I live in the State of New York how many children can I babysit in my house without a license
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    Can I babysit one child in my home that is not a relative under the age of 3 in my home without a license?
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    How many children can I care for in my home without a license in California?
  • Ang said on January 29, 2022
    In Indiana, if I want to watch 7 kids and not be licensed, what must I do to be legal? What are the ways to get around so I don’t have to be licensed but can still watch little kids?!


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