Purpose of Business Letter

A business letter is a kind of letter that is used in writing a letter to a business organization, clients and other external parties.

We write a business letters for different purposes.

A business letter is a way of communication in a formal style. It is usually written in a standard size white stationery paper. It is also written for employees, managers, clients and potential customers. A business letter should be aimed to an exact individual or group, should have an obvious and exact purpose, should be realistic and end with a precise goal, like a meeting date.

There are many reasons in writing a business letter. One of the reasons is for sales efforts, by introducing new items and products to the customers. If it is through direct mail, it is called sales letters. This sales letter is typically mailed including a brochure or leaflet and order form with it. The brochure or leaflet sometimes presents the product of the company while the sales letter is devised to emphasize the main advantage of the products for the customer. Every sales letters should go after the attention, interest, desire, and action rule. This means that the business letter must catch the attention of the recipient or reader, increase their interest to read more about it, maximize their desire to purchase the product and have them purchase it.

Another purpose of business letters is to appraise or thank customers or business associates. In this way, it can build relationship between you and your customers. This kind of letter is relatively short and consists of bullets to point out the main part of the topics that is being discussed in the letter or report. This can also be used by different companies to give gratitude to the customers for their recent order or purchase. The major objective of this thank you letter is to build understanding with the customers, and serve also as a reminder of their product or website.

Business letter can also serve as a letter to order products and is typically takes the form of a purchase order. It is an official document between the buyer and the seller. It usually states the number and amount of the specific order.

It can also be a way of giving customers incentives or selling incentive sales. Selling incentive sales letters are mostly used to propose rebates, voucher or special offers to continuing customers. It is usually used by companies to endorse their products.

Other times, a company writes a letter to recognize a complaint, a complaint that sometimes entails a customer service issue, wrong shipment or broken products. As a result, the company will then write to the customer to inform him on the measures to be done to correct the problem. Complaints can result to possible legal problems so it is very important that the company address this accordingly.


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