How to Write Marketing Letters

Marketing letters are considered as an old fashioned way of marketing strategy of a certain company trying to sell a certain product or offering services. On the other hand, as long as you know how to write an effective marketing letter, it will not end up in trash bins anymore, which is more likely to happen.

Writing an effective marketing letter can be your key on how to be successful marketer this can surely bring you a lot of cash and earnings.

Why it is Important?

It is important because the overall impression of your marketing letter should contain all the essential factors or element that a possible customer is looking for. If marketing letter contains the things that they are looking for, they will surely buy your product without thinking twice.

  • The message must matches the requirements of your target audience

    Make sure that your product or services match the needs and requirements of your target audience. Meaning to say, if your target market are teens, then you need to provide an attractive or catchy marketing letter. This is also applies to seniors.

  • Get to the point

    Starting marketing letters with hazy and general information is not ideal because the reader will feel boring after reading the letter. Make sure to provide your main point why you send these letters. Remember to be clear and concise, which will make your letter more formal and straight to the point as well.

  • Sell benefits, not features.

    It is a fact that most marketers love to provide the list and features of their product. On the other hand, the possible customer wants to determine how they will be benefited by using the product or services. Even though, it is also excellent to list the features, it is also very important to put the long-term benefits of your product. By giving this important information, it will surely make you generate sales.

  • Keep it personal and conversational.

    It means when you are writing marketing letters make sure to keep it personal and conversational. This will not make the reader feel bored by reading your letter. Write them as if you are just simply having conversation or talking to them personally. Be sure to be cordial and warm when writing a marketing letter.

  • Use letters to generate leads - not sales.

    Even though your mail goal is to generate sales, when writing a marketing letter make sure to generate leads whether it is a fax, phone call or email. This will help you get a hundred customers from one customer only because as they got satisfied with your product they can be your key to generate sales like “word-of-mouth advertising”.


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