How to Report a Business to Trading Standards

This article will tell you the best ways to do once you want to report a concern with Trading Standards which includes who to get in touch with the detail you need to provide, what will happen after you have been reported the concern and the thing you need to do once trading standards cannot help you.

Services offered by trading standards differ across the region. Citizen Advice has a contract with Trading standards in order to aid you report a concern to them.

Reporting a trading concern is an easy process, either you can call the customer service of the Citizen Advice or through filling in an inquiry form.

Who to Make Contact with First

Expert adviser will examine your concern and decide whether to submit it to Trading Standards. On the other hand, they will not be capable to make an option regarding whether Trading Standards will undertake your case. Once your concern is submitted it is known as a referral. If Trading Standards gave obtained the referral, they choose whether they are capable to aid you and call you directly. Most Trading Standards do provide a drop in service. Through calling the local authority, you will determine if there is one in your place.

What Detail Do You Want To Report a Concern

Prior to calling Citizens Advice, it is essential to get a lot of information in order to support your concern. This will aid the adviser make an option if the concerns can be transferred on to Trading Standards. Try to provide information such as what the concern is, paperwork such as invoices, bills, quotes and estimates, videos or photos of proof.

What if Trading Standards Accept Your Concern?

Once Trading Standards enlist your problem, it is essential to understand what may happen next. The detail you provide Trading Standards might be passed on to another concern with the ability to take action as opposed to the trade. For instance, the police, the office of Fair Trading, court service. When there is a trail, you might be questioned to provide proof as opposed to the seller in court.

On the other hand, not all concerns end up in trial. Trading Standards don’t have to take legal action even if it’s clear which a criminal offense has been committed and the dealer is possible to be condemned. They can select to take no deed or to provide the dealer a warning.

The Thing You Need To Do Once Trading Standards Cannot Aid You

Occasionally Trading Standards will not be capable to aid you personally and you might have to take some action to resolve your case. You can directly complain to the trader, call a trade organization once the trader is an affiliate, utilize an alternative dispute resolution, for instance the Ombudsman, or take the dealer to court. The Citizens Advice advisers are capable of guiding you to resolve the concern. Even though they do not assume your problem, still Trading Standards may gather proof regarding the dealer and might choose to take proper action at a later date.


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  • Mark Woodcock said on July 13, 2021
    I need help sorting out my lost Hermes parcel. Despite contacting them 18 times, they blamed me for delivering it to the wrong address. They suggested going to the drop-off point, but my previous visit was pointless. I sent an expensive saw worth ?150, but they keep stalling.
  • Joan Ellis said on November 7, 2021
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