Motivational Games for Employees

All work and no play makes people more dull each day. For this reason, employers must also do something to make sure that their employees will be working in a fun environment.

Motivational games for employees are very important to ensure that they will be more motivated every day that they enter the threshold of the office.

When employees are happy and motivated, the company will also be happier and more productive. This is one fact that many companies have already realized. Since employees are considered as assets, you must learn to appreciate and value them as well most especially since attrition is relatively high these days and more opportunities beckon them. Motivational games will aid for the coming together of the organization and for it to work as one team. Teamwork is something that is being encouraged by these games.

Puzzles and Ball Games

Most of us definitely love solving puzzles. This is something that can be played by some individuals divided into groups. Assign puzzles for every team, like word puzzle or image puzzle. Set a deadline into forming these. Meanwhile, ball games like baseball and basketball can bring out your employees’ competitive edge. The simple principle behind this is for the team to work as one for them to win. Come up with a match, which can be between a couple of groups, or you might also bring in individuals from two varied departments.

Tug-o-War and Balloon Blowing

Tug-o-war is something that can be regarded as one of the fun games that is most loved. There must be two teams, with a minimum of five members each. Make them pull the rope, with people on either end. The team which will pull the other team to their side will win. In balloon blowing, give equal number of balloons to all teams and see which team will blow and tie all them up in the fastest time. Be creative and you might also ask them to come up with balloon animals by simply twisting them into certain shapes.

Obstacle Course with Blindfolds

This game might be a little simple yet it comes with learning and fun. Come up with your preferred number of teams. Blindfold everyone, living only one person. The route destination must be marked and make sure to put some obstacles like tables, chairs, tables or anything usable in the middle of the way. The members that are blindfolded must find their own way with the use of verbal instructions which will be given by the person without the blindfold. The team with all members that can cross through the obstacles in a shorter time frame will win.

Talk all the Way

This game will be really fun for your talkative employees and will serve as a good breaker of the ice for those who are quite introvert. Pair up a quiet person with a talkative one. Here, both of them must talk simultaneously to each other. The pair that will talk with lesser breaks and for longest time will be declared as the winner.


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