Impact of Celebrity Endorsement

Celebrity endorsement is now widely acknowledged by many as one of the greatest techniques for a product to be sold out in the market. As a matter of fact, it has been acknowledged by most marketers as one of the key factors in influencing the consumer’s decision on purchasing the product.

These are only a few of the advantages that celebrity endorsement brings.

Motives of Celebrity Endorsement

The huge impact that celebrity endorsement gives to the consumers are originally based from the impelling motives of the creators of the product. These motives are the very foundation that makes the endorsement made by the celebrity a huge success. Some of these motives are the following:

  • That the brand must create not only awareness but also recall.
  • That the celebrity not only endorses the product but must also defines, values, as well as refreshes the image of the brand.
  • That the celebrity must provide additional new dimensions with regards to the image of the brand.
  • That the PR coverage must bring an instant aspiration or credibility.
  • That it must convince the clients.
  • It compensates to lack of ideas.

Advantages of Celebrity Endorsement

It is quite noticeable that whether the thing being endorsed is a product or a service, numerous companies are now taking advantage of the appeal these celebrities naturally brings with them. In order to summarize these advantages, let us categorize them:

  • Credibility Establishment

    When a celebrity has been approved to endorse a product, there is this kind of deep trust that the company bestows upon them. They are carefully selected from the rest. This is because the celebrities represent their product, thus they should be a role model in order to establish credibility on the product.

  • It Ensures Attention

    Since celebrities are popular, the product that they endorse naturally ensures attention. What the manufacturers of the brand do is that they choose a certain celebrity that will caught the attention of their targeted group of consumers. They will do it through breaking clutters of advertisements until the brands become more and more noticeable.

  • The Advertised Brands are Easily Recalled

    Normally, consumers have this tendency to link the celebrities’ personalities with their endorsed brands. As a result, there is an increase on the recall value of the consumers. A good example of this is the celebrity endorser Tiger Woods who advertised several brands already including Nike, Rolex, and American Express.

  • It has an Associative Benefit

    Once the consumers knew that the celebrity personally preferred a certain kind of product over another, it created a persuasive message within them. Hence, they are inclined to think that since the celebrity benefits from the product, they themselves will also receive the same privilege.

  • It Lessens a Broken Image

    This simply means that celebrity endorsements restore the image of the brand if it has been tarnished for some issues. There are several instances that negative issues are linked with a certain product and one of the ways to save its image is through the use of a celebrity’s mass appeal.

All in all, the image of a celebrity endorser magnifies the impact of a certain brand’s campaign. However, since consumers are now aware of the workings of advertising, extra cautiousness are being observed by many manufacturers.



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