Ways to Recognize Employees

Employees also need to be recognized for the hard work that they have done. It is one way in order to give credit for the good deeds that they have done for the job. It will be beneficial for both employers and employees since it will be a good way for them to be properly motivated and in the end, their job will be done more productively.

Know what the different ways to recognize employees are.

Although there might be pressure that can be felt during the job, employee recognition will be a good way to properly motivate the employees. Remember that lack of the workplace’s personal recognition can produce negative impacts to the employees. Good thing is that there are ways to recognize employees that are not just simple but are also inexpensive that can help you in recognizing the job well done of your employees.

Recognition Using Customer Feedback and Peer-to-peer Acquaintance

Your employees will surely feel good if you will give them comment cards containing positive comments. Draw attention to things rightfully done by the employer so that they will have an idea as to what kind of performance are you expecting from them. It is not only the management that must render recognition. In reality, co-employees know more about what their peers can do. Grab this chance by opening opportunities for all employees to get better acquainted.

Recognition Through “Thank You” Notes

Notes can be good venue for you to express your appreciation for your employees. Check if your employee gives extra effort so that the project can be finished on the right time. You can also make use of these notes to commend an employee about him being on time frequently, having a pleasant aspect and showing readiness for work all the time. Give some time to write down three to four sentences to show your gratitude.

Recognition Through Small Treats

Even a simple treat as small as a gift card of five dollars to the choice coffee shop of your employee can already give a big difference for his day. Presents that are individualized such as this may not be that expensive but is proven to be effective. There are also instances when treats that are more intangible can be most rewarding. For example, if you want to let one employee know that he is a good player of the team, give him the chance to choose as to what team he wants to work with the next time.

Recognition Through Time instead of Money

There are definitely a lot of ways for you to reward more time for your employees. For instance, if their morning have been extra productive than the usual, you might give your employees some extra time for their lunch break.

Remember that people who gain recognition will definitely work harder to gain more. Being part of an environment wherein recognition is present will predispose employees to offer them all by themselves.


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