Writing a Product Development Business Plan

A product development business plan is a plan wherein the full aspect and process of creating new products are put into detail.

The process of product development includes idea generation, product design, detail engineering, market research, and marketing analysis, all of which will be detailed in the business plan.

Before writing your business plan you must determine first who your target audience will be, or in layman's terms, who will be reading your business plan. After which you may then determine the funding type. There are different types of funding from which to choose from and each with its own advantages and disadvantages. These two factors will determine the length of your business plan as well as what areas to focus on.

After considering these you must then create your business plan outline. Pen down all your ideas on paper and start brainstorming with your team. Once you have a clear scope of the entire business plan you may now start your research. The best content for your business plan is that based on factual information from experience. This is because there has already been proved that a particular endeavor has already been claimed successfully. It is through this observation of yours that you must present information such as market growth, overall industry perspective, and customer profiles. Field research of these facts from customers, suppliers, and other industry experts will also help back up your research.

The research makes up the content of your business plan and it is best to collect as many files as you can. When you are satisfied with the amount of research you have performed or the number of files you have collected, you may now start segregating each into the different areas of your business plan. The files for your product development business plan may be in printed matter or set up as computer files. Note all your documentation to keep organized.
The research process starts with the general industry overview. You need to have a general understanding of the industry in order to avoid contacting experts with regard to basic questions. It is after a firm insight into the industry that you may begin your field research.

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Upon the collection and segregation of your data, files, and research, you may now begin the analysis process. This is where you will start building a competitive profile for your product development plans, contingency plans, and other factors. The financials start wherein you have been able to develop realistic projections with an accountant or investors.

When all the sections of your business plan have been created, it is time to highlight the key points of your entire business plan and write the executive summary. Go through your business plan with your team and revise and review each and every section accordingly. It is essential to continue brainstorming with others to ensure that you have thoroughly gone through your entire product development business plan. Proofread and edit until you feel 100% confident in your work.

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