How to Get Affiliates to Promote your Product

Getting affiliates in promoting a product is necessary as each of them will combine their marketing efforts to bring more customers to your business. With an army of marketers, a little work will be required in endorsing your product.

Less work, but expect for bigger rewards that are worth it in the end.

In this article, you can learn some of the important tips on how to actively attract affiliates in your business. Affiliates will likely promote products wherein they can get a percentage for every “up sell” in every sale. They will be the one to send you traffic in order that they will buy what you are selling.

Payouts and Conversion Rate

Payouts and conversion rate are two of the most important things that affiliates will try to figure out. Remember that a good payout will interest affiliates, like when selling a product, usually 10% and 20% are the standard. However, if you sell an information product, expect for 50% up to 90% as the standard. On the other hand, looking at the cluster of affiliate programs, marketers basically attract affiliates that offer sixty per cent or more as commission. Considering Clickbank, the limit goes to 75% commission, while the top marketers often paypal their affiliates with fifteen per cent as a bonus. Why do you think these numbers go as high in a month? Would you consider making 4% for every 2000 orders in a month, or just keep the 1000 but don’t have affiliates. Remember that the higher the commissions, the more super affiliates and affiliates to attract. Although you make dollars in every order, it can surely be made in bigger volume. This is how affiliate can work, wherein you give a cut, but bring it back in bigger volume.

Establishing a Good Product

Another method to consider in getting affiliates is to establish a good product. It is necessary to build a product name within the industry. Next, start to contact people and offer a good partnership with them. After typing all the keywords in Google, contact the owners of the websites and ask them if they like to promote your product. Discuss the product after you already contact their names and meet them in person. Go to conferences and conventions in the industry, but if you’re in health, go to health conventions.

At conventions, you’ll be meeting super affiliates with their business that promotes products of other people. In industry conventions, there are many people to meet with already websites and trafficked lists. Establish a good relationship with people and do something about the business. Then, tell them if they can promote your products to get a commission.

Building a Killer Salespage

Apart from the abovementioned tips, building a killer sales page is necessary to where you can list all products. Here, you can list the products in order to become known in the industry. After doing so, contact other individuals and seek out super affiliates while you build an affiliate base.

Listing your Affiliate Program in Affiliate Directory

Additionally, you might consider listing your affiliate program in affiliate directory. There are tons of directories out there, where affiliates go when they are searching for a product that can be promoted. Hurry and have your product be listed here today!


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