Duties of a Company Secretary

If you don’t know the duties of a company secretary, make sure that you read this from start to finish. The duties are quite complex depending on the structure of the company. You will not perform all the duties all at once.

There are duties that you need to perform when the situation calls for it but it can vary each day. Be flexible and efficient at all times.

The Duties of a Company Secretary

The company secretary has many duties. If you are a company secretary, you need to be familiar with the duties you should fulfill. This is a tough job and preparedness is very important. You are required to be effective and efficient in performing your duties. So, what are these duties? Companies usually hold board meetings and it is your duty to assist in the reporting machinery and decision making. You should organize board committees and meetings and formulate the agendas together with the CEO or chairman. During the meeting, you will also collect, organize, and distribute the needed documents, information, and other vital papers.

General meetings are held annually and it is your duty to keep things organized and in accordance with the articles of association or company acts. All notices about the meeting will be prepared by the secretary followed by the issuance. If there are amendments to the articles of association or memorandums, you can work on the drafts and incorporate such amendments following the right procedure. The statutory registers are also maintained by the company secretary which includes the members, directors, secretary, company charges, debentures, interest of directors, voting shares, and if applicable, debenture holders.

Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

You will need to coordinate the annual reports, publications, interim statements, and adviser consultations. Maintenance of the company registers or share registration, shareholder communications, and shareholder monitoring are included as well. With regards to corporate governance, the secretary should review the developments, facilitate the induction of company directors, advice or assist new directors with their responsibilities or duties, and offer counseling when preparing memoranda or presentations. The company seals should be in the custody of the secretary and proper use should be observed at all times. It is your duty to ensure that the business letters, official publications, and notices contain the company’s name and other relevant information.

The secretary should also ensure the general compliance of legal or regulatory requirements which includes document retention, retaining certain records, etc. The duties are really wide in scope and it can be overwhelming at first. Once you get used to it, you can easily accomplish all these tasks. Besides, you won’t be performing all these tasks everyday. When you get hired as a company secretary, you need to determine your duties or responsibilities. Be extra careful when performing your duties and if you have any questions, you can always consult the HR department. Be an efficient secretary by simply knowing all your duties.


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