How to Write a Fundraising Letter

If you want to write a fundraising or donation request letter, there are some things to consider. You can make use of the tips below so that you can write an effective letter.

Always go straight to the point by introducing your organization and then stating your projects. Make it long and informative. Attach a return envelope for the donations.

Advices for Writing the Fundraising Letter

Nonprofit organizations are usually holding fundraising events for a certain purpose. Since you will be sending out fundraising letters or donation requests, you need to know some great pointers for writing. First and foremost, you have to make the letter clear enough so that potential donors will know the things you need and the reason why you’re seeking for donations. A good letter is not hard to write as long as you follow these writing tips. There are some elements that you have to consider in order to come up with an effective and convincing letter.

Check your existing list of donors and update it. Past donors will surely want to donate and who knows… perhaps they will donate more if you send them a fundraising letter. You can also add new potential donors on your list but make sure that they are well targeted. You can send the letters through email or through conventional mail. If you are going to send by mail, the envelope should contain a teaser line (e.g. “Your help is needed”). This will prompt the potential donor to read your letter at once. When sending an email, you can place the teaser line on the subject.

Fundraising Letter Writing Tips

Go straight to the point. Introduce your nonprofit organization and the fundraising activity that you’re planning. You will have to make it clear what the project can do for the community and the organization. There should be a need that your project should fulfill to convince the donor to extend a helping hand. When writing past donors, make sure that you give your warmest thanks for their past efforts and tell them that your project was a great success. Invite existing donors to take part in your new project by lending a helping hand.

Your letter should not sound like it’s coming from a salesperson. Emphasize the benefits that the donors can enjoy if they help your organization. Even if the letter is a bit long, the reader will surely read it from start to finish. Tell the donor straightforwardly that you need money for the project. The letter should sound urgent, so try to emphasize dates for your project. Your letter should include a return envelope and all instructions on how to return it together with the money or check should be stated clearly in the letter. Make a follow-up call after 1-2 weeks to find out if the donor received your letter. Be patient and learn to deal with different kinds of people.


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