Writing a Sales Proposal

If you want to win the trust and confidence of a client, you will need to present a good sales proposal. This is not as hard as you think and you can prepare a great proposal by following an outline.

The sales proposal will consist of an introduction, the project?s definition, the approach discussion, the benefits of the product or service, and the cost. Work out your proposal and win your client?s trust.

Tips for Writing a Sales Proposal

A sales proposal can help you connect with an existing client as well as gaining new ones. Before you start writing, you must ensure that you are going to get the business. If you plan to use the proposal with a few prospects, you must check if the special needs are met. Another great use for the proposal is when you are trying to win a bid. A sales proposal has basic objectives which include the following – educating your client about his needs, convince your client that you can provide for such needs, and justify the terms of investment in a way that your client can understand.

For a sales proposal to be useful your prospective clients should read it; otherwise, it will not be useful. The proposal should not be focused mainly on selling your services but also on satisfying the needs of the client. You need to appear as an expert to win the confidence of the client. Try to establish a difference between what you’re offering from that of your competitors and that you’re the best choice. The proposal doesn’t have a standard length. You can create 2-10 pages of the proposal and this will depend on the type of business that you’re managing.

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The Outline

If you receive a request for a proposal, you will need to follow the guidelines as to the length and content of the proposal. Make sure that you provide the necessary or desired information at once; otherwise, the client will trash your proposal. Decide on the theme of the proposal. The cover page should contain the proposal title or the headline and it should be followed by a short description. Most clients are in a hurry and will not have all the time to read your proposal. The cover page will reveal a lot about your sales proposal so you have to make an impression.

The sales proposal will consist of an introduction, the project’s definition, the approach discussion, the benefits of the product or service, and the cost. You can also add highlights if you want to but this is usually the outline for creating a good sales proposal. Start working on your sales proposal and make sure that you follow this outline. Gather enough information about the client and their needs. Make it clear from the very start that you’re the answer to their needs. If you can appear as an expert and a very good one, you will surely be able to convince the client through your business proposal.

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