Used Industrial Equipment Sales Business

The recession has forced a lot of businesses to look closely at how they can cut costs to maximize their profits. Since industrial equipment does not come cheap, buying pre-owned or used equipment is a smart move.

Learn more how you can help other businesses through your own used industrial equipment sales business.

Industrial equipment comes in many shapes and sizes. They may be in the form of forklifts, cranes, excavators, bulldozers, generators, mixers and compressors to name some popular ones.

Before venturing into the used industrial equipment sales business, determine first which type of machineries you would want to focus on. Since these are heavy machinery, putting a lot of inventory in the beginning may dry up your resources pretty quickly.

You may want to focus on certain equipment first while you are still trying to learn more the ins and outs of this industry. Once you get a handle on which items have bigger demands or are fast moving, you can add more pieces or expand to another line.

Build your reputation by selling only quality working equipment. A good reputation will give you more leads in the long run if people can recommend you as a good dealer of equipment. Keep service records of your inventory to back up your claim that an item is well-maintained. You may want to join the Machinery Dealers National Association to add to your credibility.

Serve your customers’ needs. An excellent service will take you a long way in growing your market base. Should a problem arise from the purchase of an item, you should be able to fix it right away or deliver your promise / guarantee to the customer.

Where to start your used industrial equipment sales business

A cost-effective way of starting your own used industrial equipment sales business is selling your items online. Selling your used industrial equipment online will open up your market to a bigger base without additional operating cost.

However, do not assume that just because you have a website, customers will start coming your way. You still need to do promotional activities. Having an e-business must be viewed as essential for long-term operation rather than making profits in the short term.

Spend ample time to plan and organize your website. Customers should be able to easily locate relevant data and communicate to you their orders or inquiries.

Make your website easy to find in search engines. Make the first paragraph of your homepage very descriptive. You can list specific types of equipment offered in your website in that first paragraph.

Take note that the advantage of having a website versus an actual store is that you can make your site dynamic. Customers would not be able to touch, see and smell your products but you can easily change “floor plans,” and make product displays more personalized.


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