Starting a Pet Care Business

If you love pets, then you can start your own pet care business that can be a very lucrative job.

You can enjoy the company of different pet animals all day long and earn money from it as well.

How to Start a Pet Care Business

You love animals and like to be with them all the time. You can be on a pet care business. This business is a profitable one as well as noble because you are caring for the animals. The charge to pet sitters per visit ranges from $10 - $20, with the usual visit that includes 10 – 15 minutes of walking, play time, watering and feeding, cleaning or changing pets’ litter boxes, doing some light housekeeping like collecting mails and watering the plants, as well as administering pets’ medications.

When you have some experience in pet sitting for your family or friends’ pets, then you can ensure that you can do this job. For large dogs, you must be full of energy and can handle a few meters of walks. You must also enjoy spending your time with pet animals. For changing little boxes, even though this job is not strenuous, it can get a little tedious. If you are not up to cleaning wastes of animals, concentrate on doing business with pet owners who do not seek help in yard cleaning. Learn the appropriate care requirements of pet animals that you are not familiar with like frogs, snakes, rabbits, birds, and lizards. If you can’t handle snakes and the likes, do not include them on your list.

Get a business permit as well as liability insurance. This will ensure your clients that you are reliable and trustworthy and they can trust you with their home. Furthermore, to increase your credibility as well as gain much more visibility to other people, you can be a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. List all of the detailed expenses that are included with the service that you will provide such as car maintenance, gas, advertising, website maintenance, office supplies, annual licensing fees, and liability insurance. The website that you must buy must include the list of services that you can provide, the animals include in your services, the radius of your service, and the visits you are providing each day.

Your average visit can be up to 20 – 30 minutes per day and you must charge for extra additional pets that you will care. The taxi services should include taking the pets to and from the vet clinic. Ask your family and friends about your business and establish a good relationship with your local vet to distribute your business cards to their clients.


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